Sunday, September 27, 2009

1st Chapter

Been thinking a lot of setting up a blog about myself and today... i have finally had the urge to start :P
well... it;s not like i haven't blog before. I've already had a sales blog for almost a year now. And i must say it is quite a success.. :P

But it's been slowing down a bit lately because i'm too lazy to snap new photos aaanndd... because my belly is about to pop!! any moment now :P

Today marked the 36 weeks of my pregnancy (according to my calculations from

Which means that i'll be seeing my son* in a few days!!!!! I still can't believe that i'm going to be a mother soon!! Just the thought of it, it makes me feel nervous, excited, overwhelmed and everything gotten mixed up. and i just hope that everything goes well in these few more days to go.

Ohh... i miss my size 2 tops and jeans :P Those were the dayss....

and me now on the full moon.... tunggu masa jee...

Hopefully that i could go back in shape after the delivery :P


aBBy said...

hi kak ida. i'm abby, one of ur fans frm ur other blog (shopaholic's closet). tp i never buy, bkn pe ur sizes are too small 4 me la )=
nice 2 know ur a mum 2 b. semoga selamat semuanya ya? btw, cn i b ur fren in fb - Nabila Roslan

waneeda said...

Hi abby!!! wow...!! 1st comment from my 2nd blog! hehee.. thank u for visiting! sure sure boleh... the purpose buat blog ni pon to get closer with my friends and ladies from shopaholics ;) and thank u for the wishes ;)