Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raya 2009

Every year, my whole family and I will be celebrating Raya in our Tok's in JB. Tapi this year, since i can no longer permitted to board on plane or taking long drive all the way from Alor Star, so we decided to celebrate Raya in AS. Me and hubby.

Starting with the night before 1 Syawal, the boys main fire works (no mercun ok!) Sangat meriah ;)

This is my 2nd time celebrating Raya with my hubby and also the 2nd time spending 1st raya in Alor Star. Slalunyer, 1st raya mesti dah ade kat JB.

with my in-law

Attending Kak Na's aqiqah on the 2nd day of Raya. (Baby girl yg sangat cute b4 they cut off her thick hair. Poor baby)

With the girls ( friends for the past 10 years and counting :))

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