Monday, October 26, 2009

Online shopping

(pic googled)

Online shopping
has been my interest since 2007. Since then, I have purchased almost half of my wardrobe via online. From tops to pants, except shoes because I am size 10. Kinda hard to find that size via online.

Shopping online has never been easier and really convenient. All you need is a bank account (with money in it of course!) and a hand phone. If you see something you like on the internet, just purchase it and the item will be sent to your door step immediately! and you don't have to spend time going out. You can even do it at home!

My best item that I've been purchasing online over and over will be my Maxi Dresses Collection! I've got more than 15 Maxis to date and more coming :P

I've started to like Maxi Dress when I was 4 month pregnant. My belly was started to show and most of my pants won't fit. To buy new maternity clothes or pants will be such a waste because I won't be wearing it once the baby is out. So I started to find alternatives and that's when I saw this Maxi when I was window shopping online. and since then, I started to fall in love with Maxi. and without me realizing it, I made a whole collection out of it.

(this is my fav ;P)

I too letting go some of the Maxi Dresses because I've got too many of them! There a few here at my shop blog TheShopaholicsCloset.


kowneysa said...

i think i need to started wearing these luvly maxy dress after be back from Mecca..i luve it..;p

waneeda said...

hehehe... tak perlu balik Mecca, now pon boleh.. :P aku lepas pregnant ni pon still nak pakai.. bestt!!! :D

Anonymous said...

yg 1st pic dress kaler dark blue tu cantik..sng x yah pkai inner dh kn..u beli kt mna erk?

Sharz said...

baru je follow blog nie...suke baca semua entry!! =)

::Ida:: said...

@Sharz : Thank you!!! ok semangat nak update.. not!! hahaha :P

::Ida:: said...

@Sharz : Thank you!!! ok semangat nak update.. not!! hahaha :P