Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Day's Out

Today is the 1st day we bring Hariz out to jalan-jalan (jalan-jalan means shopping malls!). He was a bit thrilled at 1st. Can't stop staring out of the window. Looking at the moving trees. Tapi tak sampai few minutes dah lentok. Moving car rocks him to sleep.

As we reached the mall, Hariz was still asleep. So I managed to buy few stuff like nursing bras, my lense solutions and few other stuff.

Once he is awake, he started to cry and whimper. Mama then dah tak boleh shop. Bagi susu pon still nangis. Rupa nyer diaper dia dah penoh. Unfortunately kat situ takde diaper changing room. So we have to quickly get home as he started to get irritated with the diaper.

Off we go home after only 2 hours of shopping. Actually this is more like a test for us on how to prepare ourselves and baby when we go outing like this. Maybe the next time we will be fully prepared.

*I managed to beli McD's Prosperity Burger :P

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