Sunday, December 27, 2009

Couch Hunting

My hubby and I spend most of our time in the living room. From watching TV, blogging, eating and sleeping. Hariz is no exception. So we need the most comfortable sofa for our new living.

Currently, we are still renting whilst waiting for our home to be ready and the only furniture we owned in this house is the bedroom set. Meaning to move to the new home, we need to get everything new including the living room set.

pic googled

We went couch hunting today in Alor Setar. We went to 4 shops to find the perfect sofa. At the 1st shop, we found 2 that is quite ok to our likings.

Wan likes this set because of the recliner.

but I chose this. Much simpler and nicer.
We were not allowed to take photos at the 2nd and 3rd shop which is Lorenzo and Gucca.
Finally, we found the sofa that both me and Wan agree on.

Recliner and I love the design. and they could custom made the colour according to our preference.

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