Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary

This may seem already outdated but I'm gonna blog about it anyway :P

Last August 15th was our 1st anniversary. Since I was too heavy and too big to go outside Penang (I was 8 months pregnant at the moment), we decided to celebrate it in the island. And since we haven't had our babymoon, we decided to do it together, celebrating our anniversary and babymooning (is there such a word?)

So we picked The Northam All Suite, Penang for our babymoon. The reason we chose the hotel is mainly for its ginomous jacuzzi! I don't think there are any hotel in Penang that had that size of jacuzzi and the roomrates is so much cheaper than you think.

Luckily August 15th falls on Saturday so we don't have to take extra cuti for the day. We take off from our house, which is in same region, early morning to the hotel. but before checking in, we had our lunch at the Restoran Kapitan. I had the delicious Nasi Briyani and Wan had the famous Ayam Tandoori.

Then after stuffed ourselves with the food, we went straight to the hotel to check in. However, we had to wait for awhile since the room I booked was not facing the sea. I don't mind waiting as long as we had a great view to look at instead of the cityview.

That night, we gonna celebrate our 1st anniversary at the 32 @ The Mansion. The food was okay la but it's the environment to die for! It is very romantic with a live band. I specifically told them when I made the reservation that I want the best spot in the restaurant since we are celebrating our 1st anniversary. Well, they put us next to the band.

They call it 32 @ The Mansion I think it's because the restaurant's address is number 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, and the restaurant is actually a mansion.

The food were in small portions. So we ordered the 3 course meal. Okla.. kenyang la jugak. :P

While we were having our dinner, suddenly the band announce that they are dedicating the next song to us as we are celebrating our anniversary. haha. terkejut jugak la and a bit malu-malu coz everyone tepuk-tepuk tangan and looking at us :P

Then after makan, we headed outside the restaurant to take photos. We hired a photographer for that evening. Saje je sebagai kenangan untuk anak cucu :)

I had a blast that night. We he straight back to the hotel later and terus tido. Our next 2nd Anniversary will celebrating with Hariz :)


rizaros said...

syoknyer.... makan2... hehehe...
romantik sgt..dah ada bby masa 1st anniversary.. hehe :P tahniah akak cute :)

donarose said...

Tahniah Ida. btw Mana ida kenal husband? kawan kerja ka? hehe after 1st anniversary baru nak tanya

waneeda said...

hehehe.. al kisah nyer... he happens to work in the same building. neighbor depan opis je :P nak kata jodoh kann :)

donarose said...

wah senang nyer :b

architect ker? sebaya ida? (adoi sorry start menyebok :b )

waneeda said...

hahaha.. bukan archi.. :P
he will be 30 this year! wooo.
dah tuaaa :P