Sunday, January 24, 2010

A brief trip to KL..

Usually, if we had a meeting in KL, I would probably stay a night before coming back to Penang. But since having Hariz, I can no longer linger around too long. Kena balik as soon as my work is done.

Anyways, I took the 1st flight on Saturday to KL and Fireflyz is the only one available at the early time. The fare was low and this would be my 1st time on Fireflyz. Not bad jugak la. A bit smaller than the normal plane but definetely bigger than the seaplane.

I reached KL around 8am after taking the 7.15am flight.As I stepped in the Subang Airport, I realized that I haven't been here for years! The place looks totally new. I love the way they decorated the place.

The white ceiling with small lights beam up like stars. Nice!

I reached the office early and had breakfast there. Above me & ben.

The girls.

Ready for a photo session for the new year.

I didn't stay for lunch because I have to catch the 2.50pm flight. I just walked to the KLCC lrt station because my office is just next to the avenue K and KLCC is just in front of me. huhuhu.. so near yet so far. Amik gambar je laaa...

There's this bar at the Avenue K. Love the deco.

I once didn't know that the lrt station was just below the Avenue K. So I walked from my office, which is next to Avenue K, went inside KLCC, walked through the tunnel to the lrt station. Only then I realized I just took a further route. Penat je jalan.

So I took the lrt to Kelana Jaya and then took a taxi to Subang. It costs me RM6.50 for the lrt and RM 18.30 for the cab. I saw a headless girl sitting next to me in the lrt. lol. Jakun betol aku neh :P

My flight to Penang is at 2.50pm and I reached the airport at 1pm. I've got plenty of time before boarding. So I decided to walk around the airport. I like to try on food. I saw this shop called Nooodles. I sat down and ask the waiter to give me the most recomended meal.

So they gave me the fried wantan noodle. They were right! It is good! I ate until nothing left in my plate (or was it that I was really hungry? :P)

There. Empty plate .

Then I ordered chicken dim sum. It's been awhile since I had dim sum. It was 2 years ago at hartamas. It was good too! I give 8 out of 10 ;)

After finishing my meal, I went to check in straightaway. I got the seat next to the propeller. Quite noisy during take off. I was too exhausted and doze off all the way to Penang. I'm glad that I am home now so I could play and bfeed Hariz :)

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