Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank god it's Friday

Every Friday, we had a longer lunch break. So yesterday I decided to do a little bit of shopping and had sushi ( i love sushi btw). Nak balas dendam sebab pregnant aritu tak boleh makan sushi :P

Anyway, as I walked to the carpark to get my car, suddenly I realize the front left tyre was inflated. Great! That's prefect! Time ni ler yang tayar nak pancit nyer.

Then drove the car to the nearest tyre shop. They said kena paku. Kena la charge RM10. Then they checked my wiper. They said 'wiper ni aa... talak elok woo. itu bunyi cheett.. cheett.. U mau tukar elok punya brand Deso. 30 ringgit saja.. I was like, okla. What the heck. (saja ja depa ni nak soh aku tukar macam-macam).

Kerata ku yang kudung sebelah.

As I reached Perangin Mall, I went straight to do some window shopping while waiting for my friend. After few rounds, my stomach was growling asking to be fed.

Owh btw, it is bad to eat shushi while your really hungry. Because you tend to eat a lot. :P This is one of my favaourite. Chuka Kurage (seasoned jellyfish).

I don't know about you guys, but I think it's not the sushi that turns me on. But it's the soy sauce and wasabi. The smell is so tempting.

I always had my sushi with green tea. Plus its free! :P

This is new. They are having the scallops promotion for the month. Sangat sedap okay. I ate 2 of this. Kenyang sangat sampai tak leh jalan :P

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