Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hariz will be 4 months old tomorrow!! :D

Yesterday, I finally managed to snap photos of my shoes collections to be sold on my blogshop because few days back Hariz dok buat perangai. Balik from nursery kena pegang je until dier tido at 11pm! Mandi and solat pon tak kusyuk dok dengar dier nangis. huhuhu.. 

So yesterday dier baik pulak. Tinggal atas playmat dier, dier main guling sorang-sorang. Then I decided to arrange all the shoes and snap few photos. Very tiring. Will post them on my blogshop very-very soon ;)

Anyways, up to date, Hariz will turn 4 months old tomorrow. Yeay! So far he still can't roll on his chest on his own. It's okay. He still keep trying tho. 

But the only thing that never change since he was born is waking up several times during the night. We will wake up for every 2-3 hours to nurse! It's very tiring. But, I kinda already get used to it. Kalau dia tido lama sket jer, I myself will wake up after 2-3 hours sleep. Kalau dia tak bangun, I will go back to bed.  Is this normal?

I read at the babycenter on the night weaning. It is normal for some infants to wake up several times to nurse. However, it will stop on his own eventually. but when?? when he started solid kott...Haihss...

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