Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner at Stesen Victoria

I was suppose to update this a week ago tapi memandangkan rumah masih internet-less (baru nampak TM pasang tiang telefon), jadik keje-keje mengupdate blog di tunda pada waktu lunch. huhuhu. (sanggup cut lunchtime short tuu).

Anyways, there were a small gathering at our teratak last March 5th. My whole family was there except my sista yang kat UIA tu (sorry nurul. if you;re reading this, the dinner was my treat ooo :P) to celebrate my dad's birthday yang ke lima puluh lima. and the same time, Hariz pon just turn 5 months! So all the angka 5 laa...

We made a reservation at Victoria Station for dinner. I think, VS ni have been establish even before Chilli's or TGIF or Tony Roma's lagi. (kat Malaysia la). The food was ok. Suppose kalau pegi VS mesti makan Steak right? unfortunately, I'm not a fan of steak. Don't know why. So I ordered chicken instead.

I didn't quite enjoy my meal though coz Hariz a bit cranky that night. Asyik merengek-merengek jer since we arrived at the restaurant until balik. Tapi masuk dalam keta ok plak. Tempat tu takde 'ong' kot. Dah la malap semacam je. and we had our dinner 'inside' the train. It's an old train. Maybe Hariz tak selesa kot. but I kinda like their deco. Sangat antique and unique.

 Aisyah made a birthday card for abah.

Hariz yang baru woke up and before buat perangai. Bagi susu pon tanak. and waiter VS tu dok hover around macam helikopter. Nak breastfeed pon susah. Haihh..

Birthday 'boy'
 Escargot aka siput
Happy birthday abahhhhhh. 
Hariz and I nak menyibuk jugak dibelakang
In front of the VS. My flash gun habis battery. Terpaksa guna built in flash. Tak cantik. huhu.. (please excuse pose ngada-ngada me & my hubby :P)

Thank you for looking!


Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Wah Victoria Station. Best tuh! I like the salmon there hehehe... Makan escargot ker? Erm, I agak penggeli sikit nak makan that

::Ida:: said...

i lepas beranak i jadik tak suke makan salmon. bau pon kurang. huhuhu.. my brother ni suka makan weird stuff. too bad i tak sempat nk njoy my meal. hariz buat perangai. makan pon main telan je. huhuhu

nurul sss said...

GOD!!! i think for the past 5 years i have missed soooo many family events!!! all the more reason why i hate UIA!!! huhuhuhu.....anyways i already gave abah a birthday card posted to him as a surprised :) so ok laaa.......hmphh...takpe....after this sem habis.....graduate then i'll be around for other events!!! so u HAVE to belanja me as well!! owh.....escargot tu sedapppppppppppp! I LOVE it alot! i think eversince i have been together with zhafran...i have eaten alot of foods that i thought i would never eat! so nanti once you come over to kl in eat sushi zanmai....once you eat that you'll never look at other sushis!! :)

::Ida:: said...

ahh soo ur saying zaf have taken u out from ur larva la menjadik butterfly? (haha.. ada kena mengena ke) :P yerlaa.. nnti kitaorg dtg Mei nnti.If you're still around bleh le belanjaa...

nurul sss said...

hehe..yes literally! im prettier than ever~~ hahahahaha...well im not around in may, my FINAL paper is in the end of march, but you can take me along to kl and belanja me!!'s ok...i have my own accommodation, just need transport dtg kl je..hehehe