Saturday, April 17, 2010

Visit Bali - 1st Chapter

I went to Bali 2 times on the year 2008 itself. Not to brag but the 1st visit was unintentionally. (boleh ke?) You see, Wan and I booked/bought our honeymoon ticket like even before we were engaged. We bought 8 months in advance and got a really good price. So wether we did or did not get married, we still have to go to Bali la :P

Anyways, we bought the ticks like on January (trip in August) and I never thought that my annual company trip will be Bali too which was in May! I was torn between going  honeymoon with Wan and the company trip which is compulsary.  I shouldn't have gone because the honeymoon will not be that much exciting dah. Well that's what I thought :)

Tapi lepas tu, I never regretted going to Bali on May (company trip) because I managed to plan our honeymoon well. Like where we should go, where to eat etc.

Anyways, I will make this entry in 2. 1st with the company and 2nd on my honeymoon :)

Most of the trip was visiting resorts and hotels. This is me at the entrace of Conrad Hotel, Bali ( i think. banyak resort can't remember dah :P)

Below is famous chapel in Bali. Located in the hotel compaund. Ade wedding shoot at the time we were taking photos tu jugak. Very nice...

and this is the 4 Seasons Resort in Jimbaran
{The reception}

{pathway to the guestroom}

I guess that's it la. Just wanted to share you these photos. Gambar-gambar lain no need lerrr :P


Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

wow they have some pretty nice hotels there lah. Our honeymoon was sponsored. Gi Pangkor jer hehehehe

::Ida:: said...

waaaa best nyer!! sponsored + pangkor! hey i heard pangkor is a very beautiful place. ade nice beach. i havent been to pangkor. huhuhu

mrs. Mcfird said...

eh ..i think daphne iking got married kt famous chapel tu...if im not mistaken.hehe.have a fab week babe!

::Ida:: said...

really?? jap nak google tengok :P

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