Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aromatherapy with perfume

 Yup. Every smell of perfume will definetly change the moods, don't you agree?

But to tell you the truth, I'm not much of a perfume person. Will you believe me if I say I never buy perfume in my whole life? (untuk orang lain tak termasuk yer. and hataran pon tak kira jugak :P) Yup. NEVER! I'm not really a fan of perfume maybe because I sememangnya sudah wangi? :P Why? I have no idea! But I've never been perfume-less :P

Almost all of my perfume were gifts or orang belikan. I macam teringin jugak nak beli one for myself tapi macam dah banyak pulak.

Let's see apa yang I penah pakai shall we?

Versace Metal Jeans
One of my favourite!! Tapi bukan for women tau. But for men! Seriously the smell is soooo....ooooo much better than women's.It's like mother of all perfume!! I loveee the smell. Too bad this one of a kind sudah discontinued :( And the casing I buat jadik pensel case pegi sekolah bleh? :P

Marc Jacobs
Owh .. my dad bought me this one. I love the smell too. A bit like err... timber kinda smell?
This is my current favorite smell  to go to work. Baru ada mood... :)

Issey Miyake
Bought this 2 sets for his and hers for hantaran. Why I bought this, don't ask! But the smell is not bad ;)

Live by J.Lo
My sis gave this to me as a wedding gift. Kinda like sweet smell.
Suitable for outing or ehem.. before going to bed :P
Love it!

Azzaro Now
My mom bought this for me. Suppose nak buat hantaran. Tapi tak sabar nak pakai dulu :Ph

DKNY Be Delicious
This perfume is quite famous back then because of the sweet apple smell. Nyum nyum.
Skarang ni, almost every where I go, 1 to 3 women mesti ada this smell. So kurang pakai ini. Owh and got this from my dad :)

How about you? Do we have the same smell? and what's your favourite perfume?
Do share! :)


Zulaikha Mohamad said...

my favorite Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.. hehe


my fav thierry mugler! now menggila lola by marc jacobs. :)

i suka perfume, tp xde duit. haha

ella said...

dulu i suka perfume! tp masa pregnant tak suka langsung. pening kepala pakai. but now rasa nak pakai balik. tapi tatau nak start pakai apa. the last one i had is burberry the beat, dah abes dah pon. aritu gi langkawi duk cari jugak tapi dah try bau macam2, last2 tak beli apa2. sekian bebelan utk hari ini.

::Ida:: said...

zulaikha : really? how's the smell? seriously i knowledge on perfume ni very little :P

zafirah : oo yaa.. i love the bottle!!! kan??? :D p/s : soh ler bf beli :P

ella : nk start beli perfume susah kan? pening kepala bau macam2. hahaha.. langkawi murahh.. i pon tak beli jugak :P

~LIZA~ said...

i suka red jeans by versace.. i teringat masa zaman sekolah dulu, the casing bole buat pencil case kan? :D comel giler..

& lg satu my favorite is "o oui!" by lancome..

::Ida:: said...

hi liza! betol2. versace punyer casing very multipurpose :P

owh ya.. lancome.. like the smell too.. tapi takde org nak bagi lagi :P

miralatiff said...

Mira dah stop buying perfume now..Beli tapi jarang pakai..But sometimes I admit nafsu membeli mengatasi segale nyer..hehehe..Lagi2 perfume asyik keluar yang baru..I can't resist!
Currently mira pakai CK in2u for women..but my favorite all time is D&G Light Blue EDP..

reena said...

Oh banyakkkk. Suka yg pernah beli ialah DKNY botol silver tinggi (cant remember the name.dh lama gila), DKNY fresh blossom, Ralph Lauren Ralph, Clinique Happy, Lancome Miracle, Escada apa ntah. Kalau suka yg blom pernah beli ialah Chanel Chance, D&G Rose The One, Lola by Marc Jacob, Burnerry Sheer & Summer. I suka bau yang fresh, citrusy, floral & fruity. Btw kita sama. I pun tak suka DKNY Be Delicious hijau sbb mn i pi byk org bau tu.

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Love all Anna Sui perfume line, but especially Sui Dreams. Smells like vanilla nyum. Fav perfume of all time is Contradiction by CK. When I was pregnant with #2, I had this craving(?) for rose smelling things like potpourri and stuff. Crabtree and Evelyn has fantastic rose smelling stuff!

nurul sss said...

yeah dad "paid" for it but i choose it for you la for that marc jacobs, if it was up to abah he wanted to buy sumtin that was so..errrr masculine....anyways mom reallyyyy lovessss the ch by carolina herrera...n i love it tooo!! the smell is just sooooooo sweet but subtle~ n the bottle is just toooooo prettty....haha....n u know what? since it comes with a mak pakai that one first...sayang nak pakai the big one ;p

zafirah-n yes! i agree,,Lola is awesome tooo!! the smell is nice but the best part would have to be the bottle...oOoOOoO.....pweeettyyyyy n colourful ;) me loike~

::Ida:: said...

mira : haha.. mira kan keje kat desert. pakai pagi tah tah tengahri dah hilang kot. dia evaporate :P

reena : i tau u banyak! :P minah ni make up ke, perfume ke kalah i :P tu laa. DKNY be delicious tu sedap kannn...

shareen : oh crabtree!! i love them smells too!! very fresh!!!! no wonder u craved for it :P

nurul : really? heh.nnti father's day kena beli kat abah pulakkk...:P

mar!ahaf!z said...

i pun xpenah beli.. those are gifts, so i pakai je la.. im not a perfume person too.. ;)

j'dore, ralph romance, dior addict, and some from victoria's secret and body shop :)

Suzie said...

i pernah try these;
1.The Spirit of Moonflower by Body Shop
2.Vanilla by Body Shop
3.Esprit for my spirit
4.Light Blue by D&G
5.Clinique Happy
6.Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger
7.CH by Carolina Herrera
8.Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

6,7 & 8 tu currently time nak try vera wang punya range of perfumes :)

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

Camane ek nk ckp bau Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ni? Hmm~ taktau la nk ckp.. klau nk bau fresh Chanel chance mmg best.. Just try it yourself.. Maybe u pon will fall in love with it.. My sistas pon beli Chanel after bau i pakai.. hehe

::Ida:: said...

owhh.. banyak nyer perfume! normally i wore it ikot mood. and sometimes, the perfume could really made my day! ;)

wawa jusoh said...

beb... i love gucci rush 2... sgt2 besh... got it 1 from my late bro and from my hubby as hantaran... try this one... mmg dh lama tp mmg besh sgt... i once pun penah ada that issey miyake, dkny (green & red)... mmg bau besh... tp ramai sgt la org dh guna... hu hu... so skrg ni my red dkny... duk tersimpan rapi je... tp skrg ni... i lurve escada ocean lounge... besh besh besh... muahhh miss u babe...

::Ida:: said...

hehehe... ape citer beb!!!
tibe2 nampak comment hang kat sini :P

miss u too!!!
lama giler tak jumpe..huhuu

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