Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom & Baby Expo 2010 + IKEA + Girlfriends [Part 1]

I think I've been blogging about this expo since forever! :P Finally, after 5 months of waiting, 4 months of planning, countless of plans changing, finally I've made it to the one of the Malaysia's Largest Parenting Expo. I knew about this expo exist when I read Iza's blog last year on the expo (it was another expo tho. Organized by a different bodies) .

 Anyway, we departed from Penang at around 11am Saturday morning. I need to prepare a lot of stuff especially for Hariz! Fyi, I brought over homemade food for Hariz during the trip.Made it the night before, put them in the baby cubes and froze the ones to be used in few days and put some in the below part for later use.Senang sket nak bagi panas esok tu which is just rendam dalam air panas :)

We arrived KL at around 3.30pm and checked-in at Cititel Hotel. Dumped our luggage, freshen up and made our way to Midvalley.Searching for a place to eat was really troublesome at that time. Most of the restaurant were full house! Kitaorang dah la lapar giler.Then we went to TGIF at The Gardens. Luckily there were plenty of seats!
That day Abah belanja Mama because it's Mother's Day (tomorrow :P)

While we were eating, Hariz pon nak makan. Nyum nyum

Then we were off to the baby's room at the Gardens.Hariz was drunk with my milk and slept while mama go to the expo :P

Entrance of the expo. I've finally made it!! (sila jangan muntah yer coz seriously i've never been to this kind of expo before :P)

And below some random photos taken inside the expo. I must say I'm quite familiar with almost all the brands like Tinytapir, Fabulousmom, Medela, Safe N Sound and of course The lil Caliph.

Guess who I saw when I arrived at TLC booth? Red Mummy!!!!I was so lucky to finally meet her in person. She's so much bubbly in person and very friendly. As if I've already know her before :P

Then off to shopping at TLC booth. I was gonna get Hariz one of the zoobies. It's 20% less! We were about to get him the crocodile, then changed our mind to the monkey. I've already paid for the item then suddenly I saw the giraffe. The colour and texture were much better. So tukar le and luckily Hariz loves it :P

Me with the infamous Molina, owner of the TLC. I've been wanting to meet her since the 1st time I made my purchased from TLC when I was in confinement :P

Later we go around the exhibition hall browsing.See the photo below on bottom right? The toys costs only RM15! Nyesal giler tak beli. HUhuhuhuhu
Finish off at around 7.30pm. We were exhausted and terus balik hotel. Malam tu tak keluar MV pon. Lepak dalam bilik and went to bed at 9pm :P

 {mama I want to touch your nose!}

To be continued to Part II.....


kowneysa said...


::Ida:: said...

belom lagi laaa. sabaq sat naa.. baru part I tuu... banyak giler pics nak edit :P

Suzie said...

ohhh my...super great!!i pulak that day attend aqiqah for my friend's son,mesti u rambang mata nak pilih brg utk hariz kan..hehe..

::Ida:: said...

lor.. kalau idak sure dah bump into u kan.. owh agak rambang mata jugak.. tapi last2, tak beli ape sangat pon.. terlalu rambang :P

nurul sss said...

agreed with kak kown...where's zhaf n my name??? no thanks?? hellooo....sape yg jadik babysitters for hariz yerrrr....penat angkat budak gemok tu..hmphh!! :(

kowneysa said...

tau tkper nurul..sapa yg dok babysit masa dia dok pusing kedai dengan lengang lenggok nya?
mmg berat budak gemuk tuh...hahahaha
bukan budak montel and debab...tp nasib dia baik n tk banyak meragam..tk berapa like his mother la..

::Ida:: said...

alaahhh.. sabaq laa.. nak buat entry satu ni pon jenoh nak pikir.. minta bersabaq yaa puan puan

donarose said...

Wahh best nya!! nampak sangat ida enjoy gila kat expo tu! i wish i got the chance to go. jeles aih. I got so excited just by reading your post here. Meriah la!

ella said...

hahaha! bile pegi nih? semangat sungguh... i dapat singgah kejap je malam jumaat after dinner. tu pon dah nak tutup dah..

::Ida:: said...

dona : hahaha.. i was really xcited!! really!!! mcm orang jakun pulak u know :P

ella : i pegi last saturday. u know, i plan nak pegi this expo since January tau. bersemangat tak?? :P

Mummylicious said...

can you believe i missed this?! hahaha Daddylicious is secretly happy i missed this. dang it

Molina said...

Hi Ida,

Nice meeting you the other day. Thanks for putting this up. But wondering why la I'm 'infamous'? :P

See ya again next year iA.

::Ida:: said...

mummylicious : lol. really? i sudah heboh2 kan my blog for the past months lagi u know :P takpe.. there's always next year :D

molina : hi molina! thank u for dropping by my blog! why infamous? lol. because i cant stop buying from u laaa :P hehehe.. just kid! :P insyallah next year maybe dtg lagi ;)