Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Outing at Manhattan & Austin Chase

My dad and my sisters came to sleep over at our crib last Friday. Hariz was thrilled to have peoples holding and hugging him all the time. Means extra pair of hands :P Then mama boleh la rehat-rehat kejap. 

On Saturday which is May 1st (Labour Day), my dad decided to go to Gurney. I tell you, it was a huge mistake to go out on public holiday! Traffic is everywhere! When we reached Pulau Tikus (the area where Gurney is) the queue for the carpark to Gurney was stretched for a few kilometers! There is no way we are going to Gurney now then. 

So we patah balik to go to Queensbay instead. We thought the traffic should be ok here but boy I was wrong! The line stretched ever further from Gurney Plaza! But we were determined to go jugak. Took us almost 1 hour to get a parking. Sigh.

Cut the story short, I tried this mocha blended at Coffee by Austin Chase. Really not bad.

Tok abah's phone with us as wallpaper :)

Owh this is us in the car. What to do when stuck in traffic? Cam whoring! :P 
Hariz pon tak terkecuali :P

This is the night before. We went to have dinner at Manhattan Fish Market in Sunway Carnival. I brought along Hariz's dinner. Homemade mash potato! Easiest to make. Steam the potato until tender, mashed them and ready to eat! :)
Tok abah's only Grandson :) Maybe more to come!

Thank you for looking!


Suzie said...

i pun stuck masa 1st May due to massive traffic jammed!sana sini congested area :-( dgn panas lagi,serik dah!

reena said...

Ayat last tu ehem, ehem. Bagi hint ka? Hihi.

::Ida:: said...

suzie : betol la suzie. teruk gila.. nyesal sangat keluar. nk jalan kat dalam mall pon berlaga bahu. huhuhu

reena : ehem ehem.. hehehe.. takde laa.. belom lagi.. more to come tu.. untuk masa depannn :P

Daily Dose Of My Ramblin' said...

Kudos to you for being so dedicated in preparing all those homemade baby foods. I know it isn't easy for a career woman to jugle between day job and housework. But you're doing just great with it. Two thumbs up! =)

::Ida:: said...

hi dear! (sorry i didn't get your name!)

I always wanted the best for my lil one. ini pon paling simple i can come up with :P i havent feed him on commercial food pon like rice cereal because i still manage to prepare one for him :) coz i know what's not to have in his meal kan?

nways thanks for dropping by! :))

ICA said...

Ida, good for u for making ur own baby food. Rajinnya...I did it with my girls too. My girls love steam japanese sweet potato or local sweet potato, bayam, carrots...sometimes I just stream it add all together and blend. They seem to like it.

::Ida:: said...

heheh.. actually it's quite fun doing all that :) potatoes, bayam n carrots are the easiest and always available :) i tried to bagi banana n carrot puree, tapi dia tak mau. nak nasik n potato jugak. haihh

d.O.n.A.t said...

hi ida.. sama la pulak ur shawl in pics u feeding Hariz tu..

sama la my baby kalo bg banana mesti kerut-kerut je muka dia nak mkn..

i pun prefer homemade food for my baby. biar my baby rasa "air tangan" i sendiri.. :)

::Ida:: said...

donat : haah laa.. sama dgn profile pic u tu! hehehe :P confirm sbb shawl ni cantek kann.. :D

naper diaorg tak suka banana ek? sedap apaaa :)

aNnAsUe'G said...

gambar yg dlm kereta tu sian tgk muke hariz yg mcm dah boring! hihi. ;D

::Ida:: said...

sujie : hehehe.. mmg pon.. dia dah boring sangat traffic lama + time dier nap dah tu :P

Mawar said...

Oh i miss Penang so much! Eh tetiba plak :D

Suka la tengok Hariz makan. Bersemangat!

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. penang bestt!!! jom la datang! :)

Shukri said...

Mawar? U from B'worth, Penang right? Just read ur blog.. macam kenall. SK Tok Jaya?

iDa: pinjam blog u sat.. utk slot jejak kasihannnn :D

::Ida:: said...

cett.. kena charge neh... mana bleh free :P

Mawar said...

ida, bukan 'jom la datang' patutnya 'jom la balik Penang' :D

Shukri, yup it's me.

Sorry ida tumpang lalu ;D

Nina said...

Salam...nice blog u have here..:) kindly visit mine..

::Ida:: said...

mawar : oh ehh.. ye laa. u pon org penang .. heheh.. ok ok.. jom la balikkk :P

nina : thanks nina. welcom! will do :)