Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday {Happy Labour Day!}

Happy Labour Day!

My family came for a visit today and to celebrate our belated birthday yang sudah lepas almost 1 month :P (our means my lil sis and I). She had her birthday on April jugak so kumpul terus and sambut skali :D
As usual, my mom akan masak her famous soto and brought this chocolate cakes from Alor Setar. Nyummy!

How do you celebrate your Labour Day?


OH_44106 said...

hmm..that cake looks yummylicious! happy belated bday ida..u have a very interesting blog here...keep it up! :-)

::Ida:: said...

hi there! welcome!
it is a very yummylicious cake! ;D
n thanks for dropping by!!

Siti said...

hi ida...
tgh nk khatam u nye blog ni..hehehe

btw, besday u 6.4 ker? same like my hubby la..

happy belated birthday dear

::Ida:: said...

hi siti!!!
hehehe... welcome to my blog!!!
hope you enjoy reading my blog :)

woh? sama dgn your hubby? hehehe.. happy belated bday to him jugakk..

hehehe.. dah terlebih belated dahhh :P