Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Highly annoyed!

uhh... i've been feeling soo annoyed with everyone these past few days. I mean everyone! 
No.. not u honey..
No.. not you sayang Hariz... :)
No.. not you sitting in front of my desk..
No..not you in my FB list...
No..not you lah!

I'm so annoyed with drivers that drives like there are strolling in the park in the middle of peak hour when we are late for work!

People walking at the mall (again) like they are strolling at the park and in group and in one line!

Annoyed with people spamming my mail!
Annoyed with people who tagged me in FB for something I had nothing to do with it!

Annoyed with my post pregnancy belly :P

I'm annoyed with people who can't decide where to go and standing in the middle of the way!!

And annoyed with sales girl standing too close and  you can almost feel her breathing down your neck!

And mostly annoyed with SOMEONE who is using office streamyx to download! jadik slow okehh!!! lepas tu buat muka tak bersalah!

and owh, I'm soo annoyed bloggers sudah tak update new entry :P

uhhh... sangat annoyeddd!!!

So what do I do when I feel annoyed? Blogshopping lahh!!! Kopaakk makk!!


aNnAsUe'G said...

amboi! alasan baek punye nak shopping ey?! hahaha!

::Ida:: said...

it's true la sujie!!! its the only cure!! :P

kowneysa said...

selalu2 lah annoyed kalau mcm ni..semua benda nk annoyed..

::Ida:: said...

uhhh mmg pon...!!!! :P

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

"and owh, I'm soo annoyed bloggers sudah tak update new entry :P "

Erm, who me? LOL

::Ida:: said...

hahahaha... my reading material sudah semakin kurangg!!!! sila updatee selalu!!! :P

Elziera said...

i like ur statement coz i'm having the same problem too...

(btw, kta pun dah jarang update blog kta coz i'm having so little time to do so.. :P)

::Ida:: said...

hehehe... which one yang? :P

tu laa.. i rasa kalau tak update 1 hari rasa mcm tak lengkap :P