Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Blog About Photography – Pick Me!

I love contests!!!! Having won a few doesn't stop me there! :P

About this contest, organized by Mombloggersplanet.The hotest place for moms!!! :D
More details here.

The prize :

1. Being featured  on Mom Bloggers Planet!
2. Our blog will be listed under MBP Photography Blogs Wall of Fame!
3. Lots of Free publicity to your photography blog!

How to enter? :

Answer these questions and link back the entry to MBP.

1. Blog Name / URL

2. When do you start blogging?
December 2008 - Started with a blogshop selling pre-loved item called TheShopaholicsCloset (i've got so many clothes up to the stage boleh bukak kedai :P). I started with this Waneedaz on September 2009 when I was on my maternity leave :P

3. Introduce yourself and your blog
 I started to love photography when I bought my 1st camera Sony DSC-100 almost 6 years ago.I got a DSLR for my birthday present and since then, my passion became greater. I started to buy lenses and and accessories. My blog is mainly about my baby Hariz, travels and food! I live in Penang and Penang is a food heaven! I really love browsing for other photograpy's site that inspire me.

 4. Why do you blog about photography?
From photography, I can express myself and readers could see a different side of the world  through my lens :)

5. Do you make money with your photography blog?
Not yet. Hoping I could in the future :) Anyone?

6. Why should we pick your photography blog?
Because I want to share more of what I know about photography and of course  for other photographers to share their point of view. And more friends!! I love making friends!!! *hugs*

Thank you MBP for organizing this contest. Click image below for more

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ICA said...

Good luck & all the best Ida. Hope that u'll win big one.. Btw, u do have mad skills in taking photos.... suka tengok. :))

reena said...

Good luck!

::Ida:: said...

Thank you everyone!! :D
im still learning tho. :P saje je nak try :D

but now ive been having problem submitting the comments ler. tension betol. asyik dpt error jer..huhuhu

CatlinaFly said...

ye, ada tapi sy ingatkan sy je yang jadi mcm tu...dia keluar error 402 kalau tak silap..

then kita kena bgtau kak ros lah gini..

CatlinaFly said...

hmmm ida, cuba refresh byk kali?it works for dha email kak ros, anyway, ni email dia if u nak tny ape2..

::Ida:: said...

yeke.. ok will try again

thank you cat!!! :))

miralatiff said...

The contest seems interesting..Ida boleh menang nyer..Mira rase mcm nak join jugak la..Good Luck Ida!

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. takde hadiah pon.. saje seronok :D join la mira.. :D

Qish Kasuke said...

hi ida! what a lovely blog u have..
saya pun dh join contest ni! first time mengaktifkan diri dlm Mombloggers planet.. selamat berkenalan.. :)

::Ida:: said...

hi qish!! welcome!! :)

heheh.. nnti byk lagi contest yg meletup2 kat MBP. kita join semua! :D