Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City {Day 4} - Final entry. Yeay!

Okay, so I had a bit of 'free' time last night to edit and try spice up each photos :P I don't think I could do it in all entries but I will try to do it whenever I had the chance :) I'm soo lovin it!! :P

Anyway, to my final entry of the Ho Chi Minh City trip, we went to the Presidential Palace which was really famous during the war time.

and next, to the  Norte Dame Cathedral

The 1st time I looked inside the Old Post Office, I was amazed by its design and it does look more like a train station than a post office, no?

Ah.. lovin the small rooms. It's for the public to make international calls.

There were quite a number of brides & grooms taking photos around the area. Looking at the designs of the buildings, I can see why they choose these 'hot' spots :)

Next, off to a small factory that makes lacquerware. Mind you there are all handmade and made by the handicapped people.

Done with the visit, it's makan time!

And shopping of course :P

 That's all for my recent Vietnam Trip! (phew!) Hope you enjoy all the photos. 
I will be a bit occupied this few days but will try to update my blog at least once a day. huhuhu..
Till then!

Thank you for looking!


reena said...

Wahhhh classic phone tuuu!

Eh yang last skali tu LV eh?

::Ida:: said...

ohh yeahh.. LV bebeh!!! i like the window display!!

(actually, dats the closest thing to LV pon to me. bohohooo)

miralatiff said...

Norte Dame Cathedral tu macam same dengan Notre Dame Cathedral yg ade dekat Paris..but name building tu lain skit Notre and Norte...building design memang almost the same..

nawa said...

nice :))
great holiday ya

hcmc room for rent said...

thank you, too. I love your entry about Ho Chi Minh city. The way you captured everything is so special and beautiful.