Friday, June 11, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City {Day 3}

We start off our 3rd day in HCMC by visiting the City Opera House, District 1. It's just a walking distance from the hotel we stayed, Kimdo Royal Hotel.

I've never been to any opera house before. I find it so breathtaking and as if I was in one of the scene from the Phantom of The Opera :P That's my collegue from KL branch Hani and Puteri.We tried to do the gLee thingy :P

I really wish there was a performance done at that moment. *sigh*

Next we went to visit Phu My Hung Township. There's a show unit of one of the apartment and I can't help but noticing of these yummy 'food' display at their kithchen. Don't they look real? They were as close as the real thing! I kid you not! They carry a certain weight and even so fluffy like a real bun! I think I've seen it selling at SSF? *gosh, must have this! :P

A french student apartment at the district


Then we went to the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center where we have set a booth to display our works.

 Some of other local representatives


It has been one tiring day so we decided to take a break and relax. I did a ped and men and foot massage with hot stones. If you've tried Thai massage, they are pretty similar because they are so strong! I felt like they were crushing my bones when they did the back massage. whoa! I will never do that again! Unlike Bali, they were very soft and gentle. Anyway, the massage plus ped and men cost me USD 20. Quite resionable I would say.

Okay, final entry next I promise! :) Stay tuned!


Nina said...

Salam, love reading ur blog and and looking to all the pictures that u've taken..semua cantik2. Wish i could have the photography skill like u. Anyway do visit my blog as well...salam ukhwah :)

::Ida:: said...

hai nina! thanks dear! ;)
im still learning tho :)
thanks for visiting my blog!!! :D

mimi said...

hi ida! salam perkenalan.. i really like all your photos! they look stunning! i wish i have the skill and the camera! hahaha
you have a nice blog which creates my interest to read all through.

too many words for a first time commentator?hehehe sorry sis!

do drop by at my site ya! cheers!

::Ida:: said...

welcome mimi!!!
wow.. u stay kat jakarta ke?
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love ur blog too!!
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CatlinaFly said...

salam tertunggu2 juga...tulah..sepatutnye yg mana comment kat entry tu semua dah direviewkan..tapi takde..pelik gak..ida dan cuba tny?

::Ida:: said...

tu la kan..
tak tanyer la pulak coz sometimes blog tu pon susah nk bukak.. huhu