Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just another weekend

Helluu ladiesss!! and gentss :P
How are you spending your weekend?
Stay at home? A walk at the mall? Stay in bed? Work? If work, i feel sorry for you.. huhuhu

Anyways, I just got back from KL yesterday (Friday). Had a meeting on Thursday and spent a day in KL at my sis's. The trip to KL this time was exhausting! Why?? Let me tell you why..

First, I missed my flight out to KL on Thursday morning. I don't how did that happened. This is the first time (and hope the last time) it's happened to me. The flight was at 7.15am. I swear I set the alarm clock at 4.40am. The clock works just fine before and I don't know why it didn't went off on that particular day! So Hariz was awake, at 2am. I nurse him and went back to bed somewhere around 2.30am. Then he woke up again and I thought it is still quite early, so I picked him up, nurse him and looked at the clock and to my surprise, it was 6.20am!!! I jumped of the bed and screamed waking up Wan who was in his dreamland (sorry honey.!:P) There's no way I would catch that plane. Luckily I've packed my suitcase the night before. So I just drove myself to the airport calmly (eventhough the little voice in me kept saying I'm going to make it ) I reached airport at exactly 7.15am and saw my plane just took off. *sigh. So I just parked my car, and went to the query counter to ask for the next 1st flight going to KL. Luckily, there was one at 8.15am and reached KL at 9.00am. A bit relief that I made it to the meeting. (the meeting went well by the way.)

We finished off in a day and I got 1 extra day as I thought the meeting would take 2 days. I can't change the time and date of fight because I need 48hrs to do so. *sigh again. So I passed on my hotel room and stay at my sisters' instead.

That is why my blog have been a little 'quite' for the past few days. I'm going to be travelling again soon in 2 weeks time, and the next 2 weeks.

What do I miss the most when travelling? Hariz of course! (used to be Wan, but now Hariz lah :P)

Eversince I left him with his abah when I was off to Vietnam, (that was my 1st time being away from Hariz), Wan has picked up on how to look after Hariz. Well, I must say, he's already getting the hang of it. So kinda easy now for me to travel again (I used to worry like mad to leave Hariz with his abah :P)

So today, I just spent the whole day playing with him.

"mama!! where's my milk!!! I want milkkk!!!!"

"mama, where did you put the magazine?? oh in here.?. hang on.. let me look for it"

"ughh uugh.. where is that bloody magazine, nope. not this, not this either"

"aaaahhhh!!.. aahhh...!!!! something got my fingersss!!! arghhh!!!!'"
"jussttt kiddinggg.! heeeeeeee"

"ahh.. found itt!!!!!"

Have a great weekend guys!!!


kelipkelipchumel said...

hye..sgt kiut ur wonder la sume gmbr u sgt cantik..photographer upenya..i likee..


hahaha. kak ida, this is soooooooo funny. boleh bikin comic dah!! :)

::Ida:: said...

kelipkelipchumel : hi!! thanx!!! hehehe.. its just a hobby btw :D

zafirah : LOL! u know, when i was doing this entry, i can't stop smiling myself!!! :P

||kiena|| said...

ida,.. geram la tgk hariz!
klu Z.Ilhaam da lame kene gigit dgn ibu dia,.. hahaha

p!nkerton said...

hahah cute ok harizz! ada drama pendek pulak ye ;D
mesti u menggelabah habis kan pagi tu, sebbaik evrything went well, alhmdulillah ;)

::Ida:: said...

kiena : hahaha.. aku gigit ziyad, ko gigit hariz okeh?? hehehe.. tapi aku nak gigit pipi ziyaddd.. ngaammmm!!!!

pinkerton : hehehe.. drama hari sabtu :P

tula.. mmg menggelabah giler, tapi kontrol calm, tapi mmg tuhan je yg tahu. huhuhu

Farah . 5577 said...

hye ida.. am bloghopping from gie's blog, such a sweet blog u got here..
ur hariz sgt cute.. :)

::Ida:: said...

hi farah!

welcome! and thanks!!
saw your blog!! its directory ek?

Papakeechee said...

hi there! was blog-hopping and I just couldn't resist the cuteness of your blog ... heheh ...

Thanks also for sharing the blogs you refered to for you makeover ...

The Queen Bee said...

ahakk comellnye baby!! masa time ni lah dorg sibuk nak kemas kan rumah comellss!!

::Ida:: said...

papakeechee : haii!!! thanks for dropping by darl!!

i love those blogs!! :D
so ru a graphic designer ? saw your blog and i love your artworks!!!!:D

hanis : hey hanis!! :D hehehe.. thanks! hows ur little hazriq doing?? dah rollover dah ekk?? pandaiii diaaa..

Papakeechee said...

hi ida,

thanks and no la not a designer ... sometimes i just have itchy hands which can only be scratched after i design something ... doesn't happen very often tho ...

Btw how did u add those fancy text to your blog titles ... I just joined bloggers so am being a curious cat here ... hope u dont mind ... ^_^

::Ida:: said...

hehehe... welcome to blogspot!! i promise you will love it!! because you know, i've tried WP before, but i tell you not user friendly at all! plus i cant change my templates sesuka hati! :P

oh those text! dont u just love it??
see my right sidebar? there's this free handwriting fonts icon? just click on it and it will guide step-by-step. it's kinda hard at 1st but once you keep doing it, you'll get used to it ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi kak eda, i'm one of ur blog's silent readers.Luv to read ur blog, because its very 'santai', a lots of tips, full with colors and many pics of cute hariz..(^^,)


::Ida:: said...

hi fad!! hows married life? hee.. dah ada isi ke? :P

hehe.. thanks for reading fad. i will try my best to give more input based on my experience ;)

take care fad and thanks for your support! ;)