Friday, June 25, 2010

Today marked the 1st year anniversary of MJ's passing

Can you believe it's been 1 year since the late MJ's death? Well I can't!

The 1st time I heard about MJ's death on the radio, I was shocked and suddenly I felt tears running down my cheeks. MJ's may not be related to me in so many ways but somehow, his songs, his legacy have been part of me since I was little.

I grew up listening to MJ's song and his songs, unlike many artists, have touched my heart deep down inside. Every time I heard Earth Song playing, my heart shatters. The lyrics, the tunes, really touches me. If I were one of the peoples who screwing up the earth, when I listen to the song, I would stop destroying the earth and stop the war.

His loss really takes effect on everybody's life, including me.

I felt something missing from music industry and from the world. For some, it is the end of the world when MJ was pronounced dead. 

And when that happened, the little voice inside of me kept saying that he is alive and this is just a propaganda. It may not be real! but unfortunately, it is.

I never love a celebrity like I love MJ. I love his music and I would never stop being his fan.

Even though he is no longer here to give us the moonwalk and memorable dance moves, he is still in my heart and my mind.

His lost is irreplaceable . There is only 1 Michael Jackson and his legacy will remain.

Michael, you may be gone but you are still exist in our heart.

Your #1 fan.


reena said...

Kejap je dah setahun. Masa MJ passed away, my bf la yang paling teruk. Macam orang mati bini. But thank God tak terbawak2. If not, jenuh i nak pujuk.

aNnAsUe'G said...

i pon tersedu-sedan time die passed away hari tu. sedih. baru je nak buat konsert. :(

::Ida:: said...

reena : kan?

ur bf? woo.. ni lagi die hard fan!! :P

sujie : tu laa.. i pon sedih.. mcm tak percaya.. :(

p!nkerton said...

husband i pon baru tanya smlm "do u think MJ is really dead?" boleh? haha

::Ida:: said...

hahaha.. i pon tak percaya boleh?? i rasa mcm dia sembunyi kat mana2. yg lain tu semua propaganda :P

Yummylicious said...

it was like it happened yesterday je. so fast dah 1 year.

hariz and PP will be given Micheal Jackson music history ok? deal?

Lea Shmea said...

hey babe. i kat penang :)

::Ida:: said...

mummylicious : itu la.. i tot few months ago.. huhu..

of course! it's a must to give them MJ's history lesson :P. it's a deall!!!

::Ida:: said...

lea : heyy!!! penang lagi!!! rajin nyer uu!! stay mane pulak this time? and how long?