Friday, July 16, 2010

Hariz on youtube! :P

This is the 1st video of Hariz being uploaded in this blog :P
I've been meaning to upload video of his. I swear!.

Anyway, here's one. Taken last week at home. 
Hariz was playing in the living as usual and a plastic somehow got stuck on his feet and he tried to take it off. LOL.

 He went around for a few times before I managed to get him on video. Poor baby. He must be dizzy! :P

Have a great weekend!

p/s : Im away to KL again for a seminar & meeting. Till then!


||kiena|| said...

hariz go a-round,.. hehehe comei! terbayang ziyaad ilhaam pula,..=P

*Idina* said...

Cute sangat hariz!!

Possible monolog hariz dalam hati,

"Urm apakah yang tersangkut kat kakiku ini?"

Berusaha utk mengambil plastik tu away. ehehe.

Clever boy!!

donarose said...

lol. that's funny. Cute lil Hariz..

aNnAsUe'G said...

hahahah! pening pusing2 nnt! shomell. :D

Mummylicious said...

hahaha of course the mummy have to laugh first la and then take video..and maybe after that help out? in that order?

(mendapat idea baru utk bully baby PP)

::Ida:: said...

kiena : LOL. nnti buat kat ziyadd pulak :P

idina : lol. klakar when dia pusing2 n dat plastic still intact. hehehe..

dona : hariz is a funny baby! no kid! :P

sujie : hehehe.. ok je dia lepas tuu.... takot pening gak :P

mummylicious : hahahah!! really!!! i cant help it!! i was laughing when he went for a few rounds until i finally managed to get him on video :P i was gonna leave him there until the plastic came off by itself. hohohoho.. kejam giler :P

anna said...

ida..hariz dah besaq~~comeyyyy!!!!!!!

anna said...

ida..hariz dah besaq~~comeyyyy!!!!!!!

anna said...
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