Monday, July 5, 2010

Last night I had a dream..

...that I need to update my shopblog!

It's true! Tiba-tiba je I mimpi about my sales blog. I bangun je terus rasa nak update (gila ke ape minah ni mimpi blog) :P

HIyaa.. it's been decades since the last update on my sales blog.
Fyi, I started blogging with my sales blog TheShopaholicsCloset. Selling mostly preloved item which I've bought and collecting dust. 

I used to be mad about shopping especially online few years ago. I bought stuff I never wear just for the sake of buying :P

And after this blog , Story of Us was born, TheShopaholicsCloset sort of have been neglected. Kesian dia.

The bottom line is, I WILL update the salesblog very soon. Ive got few item to let go that is basically don't really fit me because my ass is bigger now.

I love doing business. Selling stuff that I love. I've been dreaming of opening my own shop (as if!) one day. Who knows dream may come true? It has to start with a dream right? :)


IejaSharikin said...

sweet dream...:P
ade pape brg best mau jual?saje la gatal kan nk penuhkan closet yg tgu mse nk meletup ni...hahaha...if it's worth to buy, why not?tpi baju susah skit ko..sbb size "comel"..klau shawl n other stuff ok la..

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. i ada banyaakk!!!

tu la cuma skarang ni bz sket ngn hariz. i will try to find some time to snap the photos and post them on my shop blog.

nnti dah update will let u know k? :D