Friday, August 6, 2010

The little shopaholic in me

I started reading this Shopaholic series when I was doing my degree. or was it matriculation? or high school?

Anyway, I love Sophie's way of writing and as if I could relate myself to this so-called shopaholic. 

I have read all the shopaholic series and the stand-alone books and I must admit, I finished the entire series faster than I read the newspaper :P

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I love each and every one of the book and always looking forward to something new from Sophie Kinsella.

And today, I just received an email from MPH and to my awed, Sophie is releasing a new shopaholic book!!

It's Mini Shopaholic!!

I bet it's about her daughter becoming a shopaholic too :P

I'm not sure wether this book is already in-store because it says here for' pre-order'.

No matter what, I must definitely get this book!!!!


mar!ahaf!z said...

pre-order will get 20% off kan? kan best kalau ada freebies lain jgk..

*Idina* said...

Menarik! ;)

::Ida:: said...

maria : hoyeh! hehehe.. tu laa.. kalau dapat.. err.. beg free ke... best jugak kan :P

idina : i tink i'll wait till my next confinement bru beli. skrng xsempat nk bace nyer :P

*Idina* said...

uuuu~ next confinement?? Soon perhaps? =p

donarose said...

best kan shopaholic series. beli la, nak pinjam. hehe

Ida, Hariz dah nak ada adik ka? woohoo

::Ida:: said...

idina : hahaha.. maybe not THAT soon kot :P

dona : besttt!!! dah carik kat kedai takde keluar lagi.. huhuhu

adik? hariz? lmao. belom lagi laa.. ida ckp kat wan, once hariz dah sleep thru the night baru bleh ada adik. kang dua2 jaga jenoh! :P

ajjah said...

Salaam Ida

I love sophie kinsella's book too.. From the shoppaholic series until her Twenties Girl, all of her books never disappoint me.. :)

Let's pre-order..!! :)

::Ida:: said...

me too!!!!
except i missed twenties girl :(
tak berkesempatan lagi nak baca ..

jom order!!!! :D