Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The 9/11 tragedy coincide with my Eid celebration

How cliche!!

That's all I could say about my raya celebration this year.

but we still had fun, despite of all that :)

Let me start my raya post with this story ya?
So please bear with me.

We celebrated our 1st day of Eid in our hometown in Alor Setar and headed to Penang to catch the 1610hrs flight on the 2nd day of Eid to JB, which is on 11th September. We got out of the house at 1400hrs in seberang jaya which normally takes only 30mins drive to the airport but to our surprise, the traffic was  bumper to bumper even before the toll. Apparently, there were TNB cables on fire on the bridge. We thought the traffic wasn't so bad and pray for the best. [more on the news]

until at 1530, we were still on the bridge! I was like 'hot worm' (cacing kepanasan) because we might missed our flight! I called everyone, the airport, Airasia to hold the plane! (yeah it sounds ridiculous but I was desperate!) but of course they WON'T do that. Not can't but WON'T.

Finally we reached the airport at 1545 and I was running like a madwomen with 2 luggage to the check-in counter, hoping I could still made it. The female behind the Airasia counter said I did't make it eventhough there's still 20minutes left.

I was really desperate and the next minute, I was actually begging the female to let me check-in. I was sooooooo frustrated and furious at the same time because no matter how I begged, she won't let me check in.

Apparently, I was not the only one who missed the flight. There were almost 30 more people going to JB that missed the flight! How can they not let us check in??!!! What did they suggested? Buy new ticket lah! (they're really bloodsucking company)

I was this close to give up going to JB but after that much trouble and afterall, it's Raya, we went ahead buying new ticket, but we had to transit from PEN - KL and KL-JB. Imagine from 1400hrs and arrive in JB at close to 2200hrs. We wouldn't mind if it's just the 2 of us, but with little Hariz tagging along, it's really tiring & exhausting for him. Poor baby :(

I know it's raya and I should be blogging about how happy and wonderful my raya was but I just want and need to share this with you, my blog readers. My dissapointment towards the effected individuals. AA and TNB.

{photo from thestar.com.my}

*exhales* okay. I feel much better now. Will blog about my raya celebrations soon ya :)

Stay tuned!


Azlida Alias said...

knape u x tringat nk call i? If not, maybe i can check-in for u 1st...tp nk wat camana kan? Benda dah nk jadi..redha je laa..

::Ida:: said...

tu la dah kalut2.. dengan tension lagi.. furious lagi.. geraammm... huhuhu

Anonymous said...

fad here...

kak ida, me n hubby missed the same flight too... 3.30 x dpt masuk bridge lg, we gave up an tukar plan naik bas je at butterworth... luckily ada bas ke JB at 4 pm.. and we just arrived at JB at 3.30am...pengalaman hari raya yg x kn dilupakan...(^^,)

::Ida:: said...

omgee fad really??? 3pagi baru sampai?? isk.. mesti panas bontot kann.. huhuhu
we have to get another ticket because kesian kat hariz.. huhuhu

p!nkerton said...

wah ida, tragiknye kisah raya u tahun ni huhu.. takpe2 alhamdulillah selamat sampai sume kan :)
selamat hari raya ;)

::Ida:: said...

tu lahh.. tu tak termasuk dah sampai JB kena pindah from homestay to hotel plak.. hahaha..
takpe pengalaman semua tuu.. huhuhu
pengalaman yg meletihkan :P

aNnAsUe'G said...

time tbakar tu i kat sunway carnival mall! nasib baik tak jadi pegi belah penang!

::Ida:: said...

huaaa!! i tension gila la time tu!
almost 2 hours stuck!!!!