Monday, September 27, 2010

The first few steps of his life..

Hariz started his 1st few steps last Friday when I was getting ready to work. He just walked towards me in a few steps and collapse in my arms. I'm so proud of my baby for being so determined to walk. At the age of 11 months and 3 weeks, Hariz has showed tremendous milestone which we as a parent could not be any happier.

Walaupun masih terkedek-kedek and fell a few times, he never seems to stop trying and never give up.

I'm pretty excited to share this moment with the world :)

Then he will start to run, and jump and go to college and get married :( Oh how I'm gonna miss my little baby.


Mawar said...

Good job Hariz..

Oh dear, they grew up so fast kan?

reena said...

Yeah good job Hariz!

Haaa lepas ni bila dia dah dapat kaki, jenuh u nak kejaq dia plak :p

nieda said...

congrates Hariz

ezura evenstar said...

owh gosh so cute...cant stop playing the vdo hehe =)

dieha said...

wow...congrats hariz...bestnya..

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.... thank you deariess!!!
i still cant believe how fast he grew up. he will turn 1 next month! :(
sometimes i just wish he is still my little baby who always in need of me... :)

Arifah said...

hahha..! comel hariz..gud job..

Ida, cantik background..ngeh3..

::Ida:: said...

hehehhee.. no komen on the background :P

one of hariz's milestone :)
cant wait for more!!!! :)

aNnAsUe'G said...

yeayy! lepas ni buleh lari2 pulak! heheh. ;D

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

good job hariz.. nnti tak larat la u nak kejar.. hehe..