Sunday, October 10, 2010

On baby safety gate

Ever since Hariz started to learn to crawl, we knew that having a house with staircases would be one of the safety issue. At first, I was a bit reluctant to buy one of those safety gate because it's an eye sore! But putting away aesthetics, Hariz safety is number 1. 

So I went looking for this safety gate at Toys R' Us. They had  a few models to choose from with the price ranging from RM179 - RM400++. I'm not looking for something fancy. Good enough to stop Hariz from climbing up the stairs. 

Luckily Toys R' Us was having a promotions for it's members. So I bought this safety gate from Little Bean for RM179.90.

My mistake when purchasing this gate was I didn't measure it first before went looking for it. Well actually it was unintentional buys. 

Well anyway, when I got home to try in on, like I reckon, the gate didn't fit. My staircase a little too wide and the gate is short. I thought of add few extensions but Wan said its really a waste and it will cost more.Luckily Toys R' Us has a full refund policy within a certain day so I returned the gate and got my money back :)

With the stairs being no-gate, we were thinking of getting a custom made gate. I think it'll cost around RM100++ per gate with iron as material and we need 3 of it. But Wan got a much better plans. So I thought.

Finally after 2 days bertukang, we got our own custom made safety gate that we won't get anywhere else..

Heheh.. it's not as sleek as made my professionals but it is safe :)

(Master card moment) : Price for 3 safety gates = RM150++
Price for our baby's safety = Priceless


Azlida Alias said...

Credit to Wan !!! =)

*Idina* said...

Safety first!! Agreed!

cu734ngel said...

betul betul betul..:)

Mummylicious said...

i still dont have a gate! ... but i like urs..very oldschool gate. hehe.
good job from the hubby!

Suzie said...

mcm cian hariz pandang je staircase tu nak climb tu la tak boleh compromise dgn safety ;)

::Ida:: said...

noor : harus!!! kembang kempis dia baca entry ni :P

idina : definitely!! :D

cu734ngel : uhh.. kalau ikotkan mcm2 nk kena block kat umah tu. huhuhu..

mummylicous : hahaha..i thought he was being cheapskate :P

but turned out ... not bad.. hehehe.. jimat duit hakuuu..

suzie : woh.. tiap2 hari, pantang je nampak gate tu tak tertutup, cepat2 dia lari ke tangga. sometimes dia akan duduk bertenggek kat hujung tangga tu. hahaha... cuteness!

aNnAsUe'G said...

aww comelnye model gate nih! ;D

kowneysa said...

Hariz tgh makan biskut yang hari tuh ker?
once dah boley jalan laju esok..sure nk memanjat pya naik tangga juga..hahaha

::Ida:: said...

biskut dia laa.. bukan yg aku buat :P

dah jalan proper ok sket.. skarang jalan pon dok terbalik2 ke belakang :P

mar!ahaf!z said...

oh teringat "safety gate" yg parents kita buat dulu2 masa kecik2.. hehe.. camni aa lebih kurang.. ada palang2.. tak bagi masuk dapur.. :)

::Ida:: said...

hehehe... kan?? reminds me of that too!! diaorg guna solid wood kan? hehehe..

dona::rose said...

bagusnya toys r us dapat bagi duit balik. btw, hariz nampak mcm curious mcm mana nak panjat tangga tu. hehe

::Ida:: said...

dona : tu la.. kalau nak beli ape2 pegi toys r us je. in case u change your mind, boleh mintak refund :D

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know mana u beli the pagar dawai to do the baby gate...thank you