Friday, January 7, 2011

The 15 minute feast

We attended a wedding of my junior from USM sometime last week. Since it's just nearby our house, didn't take long for us to get there. Luckily the bride & groom were just arrived and ready to sit on the 'pelamin'. 

This time we I didn't get to match colour with the bride because I don't have green outfit! :P

Anyway, saw a few of my classmates there and got a chance to catch up and borak-borak kejap. 

But you know, when you have a toddler with you at a kenduri, don't expect to stay long. So we came, say hi to the bride, had our meal, snap few photos while I do the chatting and off we go. Hariz just can't stay put. He just wanted to wonder around.

Sempat jugak la tanya khabar and meet few peoples yang sudah lama tak jumpa.

and of course not forgetting the couples. Fasha & Hairil (was it? lupa dah :P)

L-R : kak sue and daugther, me, Nieta, Abg. Asrul, Zue, Jamil (Nieta's hubby) and Abg Is (kak sue's hubby)

It was a hot and sunny day and these two boys were drenched in sweats! and oh, Hariz just made a big poop here. Luckily we got out sooner :P

So weekend is coming. Going to meet few newborn babies of a friend and in-law. But first, got to do some shopping! :P

Guess i'll be seeing you guys on Monday!

Have a good weekend!!


Unaizah said...

Bila ada anak kecik, meal time (kat restoran or kenduri or rumah or rumah orang or anywhere) dah tak aman la. Tak leh la nak enjoy the food or company 100%. Adatlah tu, semua orang pun sama. Unless tinggal anak di rumah...baru boleh makan dgn aman.

::Ida:: said...

unaizah : betol tuu!!! mmg tak dapat nikmati makanan. unless dia tengah tido.. time tu la nak melantak. sometimes kat umah pon tunggu dia tido kol 9pm baru boleh makan. time tu perot dah angin bagai. uhuhuhuhu

rizaros said...

waa bleh2 mai melawat auni(daughter of abg rizal)... masih newborn... hehehe..:P

Ria said...

Hi, Ida! I'm your newest follower. Nice to meet you. I also entered the MakinCuteBlog contest. May the best design wins and I love your blog design. You're talented, Girl. Oh, I also gave you the Stylish Blogger Award here at i heart pretty stuffs. Thanks and congrats!

::Ida:: said...

hi Ria!!!
really nice to meet you too!
saw you at the MakinCuteBlog contest too! my, I love your simple and sweet blog design :D
im not sure if im eligible for the contest because i sort of been designing a few blogs for other bloggers. but im still no pro tho :(

but i really do hope i win!! at least 3rd place :P

nway, thank you so much for dropping by my blog! and thanks so much for the Stylish Blogger Award!!! That's my first!!!! :D

thanks again!!!