Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby & Me Shopping Style Contest

Yeayyy!! another contest organized by Baby & Me

Baby & Me
 Baby & Me shopping style?? This is what I do bestt!!!
You can get more info here

So this is how I do it :
1. Go out when it's time for his nap. 
- mine is during the afternoon. He will fell asleep no matter how hard you rock him. Nap time is essential for him. Then you can do your shopping !

2. Bring some 'assistance' to assist you.
- Never go out shopping alone! Unless your baby is the kind of stays put for hours!

3. Bring more 'assistance'!
- The more the merrier!!! He's bored with one person, tukar orang pulak :P

4. Bring some snacks or toys to distract him
- snacks are the best! He's full and it distract him at the same time :P

Nama Anda:  Ida Yezid
Nama Kanak-Kanak & Umur: Hariz & 1 Tahun 3 bulan
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ezura evenstar said...

hahahahaha cute2 i like~!!! ^_^ all the best kak ida!