Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Better late than never! :P

What is the best thing you should do when it's 4.30 am and you can't sleep? Blogging of course!

This entry was meant to be posted few weeks ago but somehow, I just didn't have the time to hit the 'publish' button. Yeah I'm that busy.

Anway, last Chinese New Year was a blast for us. Well at least for me because one, we got to go back to our hometown and come back Penang and meet my old friends back in uni days.

The early plan was to have a small get to together in a restaurant somewhere in Penang. But really, when day came to near, these few people manage to show up.

Me and Wan were heading to my boss's housewarming cum open house at Tanjung Bungah so we decided to meet at Gurney Plaza.

Group 1, Firdaus aka Dodos, wife and kid. Why I called it Group? Because we were suppose to meet TOGETHER but the other 'group' was slightly delayed. We had a little chat and tanya khabar etc.

Dodos has to rush back home to Perak and we still had a little time before heading to my boss's. Luckily this group arrived just in time. Meet Pitt and Iryd and daughter Lana.

Hariz has this thing about other babies. He likes to kiss!!Ayoo!! abis la mama Hariz. Kena kejar ngan mak bapak diaorang mama tak tauuu.

So I guess that's that for my Chinese New Year's story. Will try to update more later. Got few design job to complete within this week!! Will blog about that too!! can't wait!!! :D


reena said...

Garangnya muka Hariz dalam 1st pic tu! Tatott! Hehehe. Wahhh suka kiss ye? Ikut maknya ke bapaknya? Hahaha *larikkk.

::Ida:: said...

reena, thats his new look. Magnum look :P
ehh ikot mak diaa laa.. mak dia kan penyayangg... muaxxxxssss!!!! :P

dona::rose said...

aww sweet hariz cium Aichan. dia pun dah pernah cium Sheraz! lol

Jumpa Dodos n Pitt jer ke?

::Ida:: said...

hahaha. what can i sayy. he's a kisser! :P

jumpa dioarg je. yg lain plan je lebih. tapi when it comes the day, semua tak boleh.. what to dooo