Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meeting Adam Zahran for the first time

Last CNY's holiday was the most hectic but fun holidays for us. We got back to our hometown on the first 2 days of holiday and I've already had big plans for it.

I said to Wan the only activity I could and would do when I'm back in Alor Setar will be stay at home and catch up with my families OR have a girls day out. So this time, I picked the later ones :)

It's kinda hard these days to be spending times with your precious girlsfriends, especially when one stucked here in the North and the rests are residing in the KL.

We've made plan to pay our dear friend (who just gave birth to a baby boy) who lived in Perlis a visit. Since there were 6 of us (including 2 toddlers), I've decided to drive my dad's mpv. yep. Don't think this 4-month-old-pregnant-lady can't drive a huge mpv! (practicing to be a soccer mom) and of course Hariz is fine in his car seat. No complains!

We reached there 45minutes later (hungry and thirsty). Luckily ada bihun goreng yang sedap. (psstt.. I tambah 3 kali. Pordon this pregnant lady plus long drive :P).

Anyway, meet Adam Zahran. Another addition the family of 3 boys :) (boleh buat team bola pulak next!)

really good boy. 

All of us plus a little extra baggage :P

We USED to have this style when taking photos. Jumping!
Then I just remembered that I'm pregnant. dang!

Time to go home. All the kids were tired of the long trip but Hariz was such a sport! He slept all the way from AS to Perlis and all the way back.

More CNY 2011 updates soon!

Stay tuned!!!!


Papakeechee said...

UR PREGNANT!!!! Congrats!!! best nyer!! ... bila due??? hehhe sibuk plak ^_^

::Ida:: said...

hehehehe. thank you darling!!!!
insyallah this early july. i havent prepare anything yet!!! :P

dieha said...

hehe..wah..boleh lompat lg ida ye..tp takpe.utk ur health..hehe..(betul ke??).jaga diri baik2 tau..

::Ida:: said...

dieha : hehehe. tu la terlupa sebenarnyer. excited sangat dengan kawan2 :P tu yang sebelah i tu dalam pantang tu :P

dieha said...

hah??lps pantang..nomal erk..tak takut ke lompat..hehe.

rizaros said...

waa bleh simpan duit ni bli hadiah untuk incoming bby :P kak, mehla jguk auni.. hehhee.. bg hariz jumpa auni ...

zff said...

thanks for coming gurlsssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

::Ida:: said...

zff : our pleasuree!!!! :]

Khairunnisa said...

thanks for the ride..best naik keta ngan toddlers..rasa mcm naik van skolah..;p

::Ida:: said...

kown : hahahaha.. mana ada.. toddlers naik kereta semua bantai tidoq. :P