Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On make up

I did tweet the other day that I was looking for a new make up brush. Well actually a make up brush. Just for the eye. Saje ngada nak beli 1 set :P

Anyway, I went to Gurney and walked in this beauty shop called SHINS. I was just browsing and the 1st thing I saw was this Ecotools brushes.

Unfortunately, they don't have the sponge like brush I was looking for. They are all made of bamboo. I asked her show me the best brand for eye brush and she gave me this Basic. Cost me RM10 for it. I bought a liquid eyeliner too from Bloom for RM50. and since I need a foundation, I bought L'oreal liquid foundation. and the rests were my purchase a week before. Saje nak masuk skali kan. Bagi meriah  :P

I used to wear Maybelline liquid eyeliner so when the promoter said this is really easy to take off, just peel it off, i wanted to try. and the reason I chose L'oreal for foundation, because it says for anti-wrinkle :P
It's not that I have any lines or anything, it's just I used this foundation only around the eyes before applying eyeshadow. :)

I did a little DIY last weekend. Bought myself this plastic drawer at Tesco to organize all my *ehem* so called make up product so it would be easy for me to look for it. I think it is very convinient rather than stuff them all in the big drawer. Don't you think? Looks pretty neat huh? (well my collection tak banyak pon. I'm not an avid make up wearer :P)

and instead of leaving my brushes in its pouch, I've decided to have them in this jar from the mayonaisse bottle. :P I've clean it thoroughly okay! Siap rendam air garam tuuu..( to peel off it's sticker).

Ahh.. I guess that's pretty much all about my make up stuff (itu je?) yup. It's only this few weeks I've started to grow fond in make up. I even put on some to work! That's really something that maybe, because of the pregnancy? Could it be? I don't know. Or maybe I just have the awareness that i-am-pale-like-a-zombie-so-please-do-something-about-it to myself :)


reena said...

Err..baby girl? :p

I suka eye shadow Revlon tu. senang blend. Hmm..I jugak yang blom beli makeup brush.

::Ida:: said...

reena : hehehe.. i pon tak tau.. tak scan lagi :P tapi rase2 mcm yer :P

i like it too! coz maybelline n loreal tu banyak glitter2 la pulak. huhuhu.. u know, elok2 je i bought that brush, yg lama tu terus terkeluaq. merajuk kot :P

SHILA said...

suke tgk org pakai i eyeliner..cool je..i tried few time tapi comot giler esp liquid type :)

::Ida:: said...

shila : u know the secret to wear liquid eyeliner? hold your breath while doing it and do it at one go works for me!! jenoh kena tahan nafas la kan :P

||kiena|| said...

rase nak try lah dat liquid eyeliner,.. erks,.. tp my bodyshop pon tak habes lagi =P

::Ida:: said...

kiena : aku punya dah kering kot. lama snagat tak pakai :P ni beli baru pulak.. tah biler nak pakai :P

Suzie said...

i prefer pencil n i use from body shop eye definer,so far ok on me

::Ida:: said...

suzie : i love pencil too! cuma sometimes, one thing i hate about pencil ni nak kena tonyoh sket bila nak remove. when she says yg ni peel off je.. teringin nak try :P