Friday, April 8, 2011

I've been hibernating..

... in my own secret place :P

I know a few have been asking why this blog has been sort of abandoned. It has not! I still keep update my blog once in a blue moon in awhile. :)

Okay okay. The truth is, I'm so tied up with works not just at the office, but at home too! Do you know I am now a part time blog designer? :) Well it just happened :) You can read the rest of the story here.

Anyway, I decided to became serious in this blog design thing and have my name registered with SSM a few weeks ago. So it's official!! :D

So this is where all the magic starts to happened. Not so cozy thought but I'm lovin it :)

Thinking of upgrading the banquet desk to a more sturdy and solid desk. Ni nak padam guna eraser pon goyang habis meja :P

By the way this is an old photo. Taken the very first week when I set up this workstation. Now the plain white desk has this doodle from my little 'artist' called Hariz. Habis dia conteng meja haku. huhuhu.

I was thinking to do a bit of decorating in this so-called art room but time has never been my companion. Maybe when I have an extra bit of time eh?


ajjah said...

ida i took photos on my little sewing corner jugak awal-awal.. masa tu je kemas sangat sangat sangat.. now penuh dengan barang.. haha

::Ida:: said...

ajjah : hehehe.. tu laa.. kalau nak amik gambar.. kena amik 1st time set up.. kalau amik skarang.. dengan sawang laa.. habuk laaa segala man nenek adaaa :P

reena said...

Rindu u update hari2! Btw, i like your tempat mouse!

::Ida:: said...

reena : huhhu. tak tau nak update ape dah.. hehe. i know u asked my sis why i dah lama tak update blog :P
oh itu i beli kat SSF! :D

littlehumblelynn said...


akak pun selalu terjengok2 blog ida..sgt suka membelek..anyhow mmg tertarik dgn design blog ida..

::Ida:: said...

hi kak!!
thank you!!! :D
minat sebenarnyer.. heee :D

isma said...

i pun slalu baca yr blog.tiap2 hari mesti bukak to chech the update.

btw,nice yr workstation!!nice workstation helps in generate idea kan? :)

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. ya betol!!! we need to have a good workstation to work!! or else it wont be called as 'workstation' now would it? :P