Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding of the century that I wouldn't want to miss!!

I bet everyone is already talking about this most awaited wedding of the century, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Although I don't know Kate but if I were one of the Londoners, I would love to have Kate as my queen. I love Kate. I think she has everything to that fit for a queen. She has the look, the style, the smile, the hair, heck, everything! I love watching Kate more than Prince William himself :P.

If I were a prince, I would have Kate as my princess. If any of the princes out there want to get a wife, Kate is their princess.( okay. This is to show how much I like Kate. Nothing more :P)

When I was little, I had a crush on Prince William ( i bet everyone does!) and Princess Diana has always been my icon. Her death almost a decade ago really shook us in that tragic accident. Leaving Prince William & Harry behind. But they knew that the whole world mourn for their mother's death.

And now having Kate in the royal family, brings back the memory of Princess Diana. I bet if she is still alive, she will be happy to have Kate in their family.

I'm really looking forward to witness this memorable wedding and share the happiness with the world. Thanks to Astro, I would never miss this chance. Unless there's a freak thunderstorm on that very day :P


Suzie said...

engagement ring tu mmg sama ke dgn yg Lady D pakai in this pic?almost similar or mmg turun temurun to Kate?

they do complement each other,don't they?sweet couple :)

::Ida:: said...

suzie : i think it is the same ring! :) and yes, they are indeed complementing each other. sukaa snagatt!!!

d.O.n.A.t said...

pagi tadi kisah wedding of the year jadi topik masa breakfast. statement from my boss.
"non-muslim pun kahwin hari Jumaat, kenapa kita muslim Malaysia tak kahwin hari Jumaat."

fikir balik. betul juga kan. hehe

i dulu crushed juga dgn Prince William ni.. ok banyak nye guys yg i crushed dulu tapi in my dream je la.. LOL

::Ida:: said...

donat : LOL! i pon macam ramai jugak crush :P i think orang muslim tak buat jumaat sebab coincide with friday prayers kot. non-muslim tak payah semayang.. huhuhuhu

anonbeads said...

somehow.. i didnt feel kate is d right choice for william. she seems look much older & too matured compared to william. i wud prefer if william marry someone looks softer like his mom, Lady Di who is my fav icon.

Drama Mama said...

i love kate too. she's soooooooooooo sweet kan!!!!