Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taste like from the van they say?

Eversince I saw the advertisement, I couldn't help it but tempted to try wether it does taste like what they said, from the Milo van. Oh have you guys tried the Milo from the van/truck? In that small papercup? Yummy right? No matter how I do it at home, it will never tastes like one until they launch this new product.

I bought the 6 pack box cost me RM4.90 per box. (well actually cost my hubby :P). Got home, quickly get a glass and ice cold water.

This small box consist of 6 packs.

Pour the sachet.

and pour ice cold water. In this case, I didn't pour it till the glass is full because I know, this Milo was not made to be thicker. Then stir it well.

My verdict? Does it tastes like its from the van?

My answer will be NO!

It doesn't taste like it at all! but it is good :) Just make sure you don't pour cold water glass full. Or else, jadik tawaq.

*note : this is just my personal review. i don't get paid for this :P


reena said...

Milo bancuh sendiri jugak terbaik! Sebab boleh buat pekat kaww kawww sesuka hati. haha. Emm..yang tu kena paket kot?

::Ida:: said...

mestii!!! ni packet nyer.. kalau dah malas sangat kan nak bancuh, this will be the last option la.. tapi i slalu letak 2 packet per drink. baru best :P

Jiji said...

hahahhaha well u shud(get paid)!

i added susu anak sesudu. br rasa mcm dr dlm van.

::Ida:: said...

jiji : hahaha.. camna nak get paid. bagi review pon contra. lol!
campur 1 sudu susu ek? ok balik nnti try. :P