Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wonder no more, here's my explainations to everything! :)

I thought of making this entry as Wordless Wednesday since today is Wednesday but I have so many things to say. So no WW today :P

Anyway,  this is my current situation. I'm at 36 weeks and 4 more weeks until my delivery. But I have this some kind of fear that this baby would come out anytime soon. Hariz came out 2 weeks earlier than edd. There's no reason for this baby to came any later. Right?

I still am working and going to the office but no longer driving myself to the office. Kalau terberanak tengah jalan camnaa?? :P

Well anyway, we still haven't decide where to deliver this baby. But it has to be Alor Setar la. Tapi hospital mana tak tau lagi. Yeah I know, Hariz dulu berbulan-bulan plan bagai nak rak. Yang 2nd one ni, macam boleh pulak tunggu-tunggu. Kesian baby. huhuhu

Oh in case you're wondering, we'll be getting a girl. Insyallah :) I've already bought a few stuff for girls (ya know, pinky-pinky stuff. Florals. Cannot tahan lah. So cute! :P) some of them I don't think we even gonna be needing it :P

As for Hariz, he's getting bigger and wiser now.At 1 year and 7 months old, he can speak quite clearly. Which only his parents can understand :P But his still missing few molars at the bottom. Kinda hard for him to feed on solids like yang keras2.

People kept saying he's getting thinner now. Well I guess that comes with the age. Being so lasak and all. Makan dok sah kata laa.. Semua benda dia nampak semua nya "naak naakkk" "naakk naakkk".

He loves my big belly. He kept pointing at it and says, "baybeeee" and start kissing it. Aww.. I'm sure he will be a good big brother. :)

There are still things me and my hubby not sure of when we have the 2nd baby. Where Hariz should sleep, how's Hariz when I'm starting on my confinement, Will the baby keep Hariz awake if they were to sleep in the same room? Where should we send this baby when I've started working because Hariz's nursery is already full! Should Hariz still be sleeping in his play pen? and more how, where, questions that we haven't yet find the answers. But I guess, insyallah, everything will turn out fine eventually. It;s only a matter of time.

And to those who have been making orders for blog design, I'm sorry that I have to put it aside for awhile because of my condition. I've already emailed everyone regarding this and thank you for those who are willing to wait. I really really appreciate that  :)

Sorry for neglecting this blog for quite some time. Now you know why :)


reena said...

Yeayyyy baby girl! Alhamdulillah sepasang! :D

Nama dah fikir nak bubuh nama apa?

isma said...

wahhh besar sungguh la dah dapat sepasang kan?

isma said...

wahhh besar sungguh la dah dapat sepasang kan?

Suzie said...

i dulu pun ada instinct bersalin awal,masa tulis blog i ckp next week kot bersalin sekali mmg betul pun...i punya awal 15days dari EDD

so u dah boleh bersiap sedia dari skrg,ok pushhhhhh :p

anyway good luck dear n selamat berjuang :)

::Ida:: said...

reena : alhamdulillah. tapi still risau gak kalau keluar boy :P nama ada dahh. hehehehe.. akan ku reveal when the baby is out!!! :P

isma : hehehe.. we are quite thrill jugak! new experience for us. sbb girl kan.

suzie : hariz dulu pon awal 14 days! yang ni pon i rasa mcm awal sbb rasa mcm dah turun sangat dah. huhuhu. hopefully boleh kuat push this time!! pray for me! :D

mast@work said...

bestnyaaaaa.. girl..

mast masa first awal 2 minggu, masa 2nd siap on time! so.. banyak2 la berdoa.. moga dipermudah semuanya..

::Ida:: said...

mast@work : thanks dear :) insyallah doa2kan dipermudahkan semua nya.. aminnnn :)

p!nkerton said...

all the best ida! ;) i dah overdue huwaaaa tak larat dah pliss :(

::Ida:: said...

pinkerton : really?? dah lebih bape hari?? u still keje ke?? or dah cuti? all the best to you too!! insyallah everything will go welll

Rose said...

Ida, awww. I'm feeling so nervous! boleh plak?!

so it's now 36 weeks dan minggu depan matured dah. The baby can pop any time soon. All the best IDa. Semoga sentiasa dipermudah. Makan kurma, Maryam a.s. makan kurma untuk senang bersalin :) Bnyak berdoa. InsyaAllah selamat.

::Ida:: said...

rose : hehehe. tu la. takot itu je.. takot dier terberak ke ape.. kalau nak terkeluar tu ok jer :P thanks dona! insyallah moga2 dipermudahkan semuaa....

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