Thursday, July 7, 2011

How about some food photos for starter eh?

Hi guys. Sorry i've been long silence. As you all know, I am now is like a bomb timer, ready to explode. So nothing much interesting thing happened lately other than me sitting at my mom's home and taking care of Hariz, feeding myself fats and weighing 76kg and doing my blog design job.

And everytime I open this blog, I said to myself "bila lah haku nak update blog ni." It's been too long. And when we stopped doing something for a loooonng time, we kinda get, well, rusty.

So tonight, after settled installing 1 blog design, I've decided to take a break from blog designing and write something here. And I always like to start with photos.

I've been wanting to blog about this little cooking thing we did sometime months ago. It's chicken Parmigiana (thanks to Iza for the easy peasy recipe!) and cheese baked mussels scallop (ini pakai hentam. Janji sedap :P)

Taraa!!! Presenting the chicken parmigiana!! Sangat sedap and my hubby soh buat 6 chicken breasts at one time!! That's for lunch and dinner all together! :P

And a few months before, my mom went to Semporna, Sabah for a trip and she brought back some 'kerang' (that's what she claimed to be) and this "kerang" has been in our freezer for ages! I just wasn't really interested to cook the 'kerang' because I don't know what to do with it! Until my mom came for a visit and decided to take them out from the fridge. And once she unwrapped the paper, I was like "makk!!! why didn't you say it was musselss Scallop! !!!!' hiyaa.. kalau idak dah lama dah masak :P

Hahaha.. anyway, i just blend some garlic mixed with butter and spread them on the mussles. Then put some mozzarella and parmesan cheese on it, and baked them. There were about 50 pieces of them so we baked them all! Urmm bytheway, these are called mussels right? Maybe the smaller version? It's called scallop!! Thanks Ella!

 I haven't been doing a lot of cooking lately. Heck I haven't been doing a lot of things! Just chained myself to the chair and mengadap my laptop. Don't ask me when this baby will come out because I don't know either! Edd is suppose July 9th. I guess we'll just have to wait for her to come out :)


Nurul Ain said...


rizaros said...

sdapnye kak.. leh ngidam ni :P

ella said...

rasenye tu nama dia scallop.. uish sedapnye.. dah la pose nih.. slurrpp~

::Ida:: said...

ella : betoll!!! yess scallop!!! tadi i just saw masterchief aussie. hahahaha :P thanks!

Suzie said...

nyum2 lapar la pulak...i dah la dah blk putrajaya so mak dah tak masak for me T__T now i need to cook for my family again,zaman bermanja dgn mak dah habis

going back to work on 2nd august

::Ida:: said...

suzie : dah habis pantang ek? saje balik awal ke? yerla bagi ilyas biasa2 kan diri kat umah kan. nnti sapa jaga? i pon skarang ni dok manja2 ngn my mom. hehehe :P

Suzie said...

i balik awal sbb blm cari lg nursery utk ilyas,itu la arini dia meragam sbb rasa lain kot...biasa rmh mak so bila bertukar tmpt dia amek masa nak adjust