Thursday, July 28, 2011

My labor story - Sara

It's been 2 weeks since Sara was born and only today I have the urge to blog about the labor story. It's not that anyone asked for it. I just need to write this for my own keep. So I can look back in the future and read the experience I had when giving birth to  my children :).

*Inhale* So I guess some of you know that I was a little late on the delivery date. I was pregnant with Sara for 40 weeks and 3 days. I've been taking maternity leave from the office since June 17th! Why so soon? Well Hariz was born 2 weeks earlier than EDD and Sara's EDD was June 30th (that's what the doc in Penang said). Since I was going to deliver in Kedah, I had to take earlier leave as a precoution. End up I had to stay at my parent's home for almost a month just waiting!! Well nevermind that. So I continue my checkup at Putra Medical Center where I am going to have the baby with the O&G name Dr. Annuar Hussainy. I've asked around most people say that he is the best!

Day 0, July 12th, 2011 (Week 40 Day 3)

My last check up with the gynae was on Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 (week 40 and day 3rd) and the doc said my water is getting lesser and I should deliver the baby as soon as possible. Possibly on that very day. But I can't because Wan is still in KL at the moment attending a seminar and only will be back on the next day. So I was scheduled for induced labor on Wednesday, July 13th , 2011.

The minute I heard the word 'induce', I started to freak a bit. Went back home and start googled about induced labor. Most of them are not as horror as it may sound. So that night, I prayed that everything will go smoothly and I will have my darling Sara without any trouble.

Day 1, July 13th, 2011 (Week 40 Day 4) 

As the day arrived, I woke up as early 7am , get a shower and had heavy breakfast because I know I'm going to need a lot of energy later. We checked into the ward at around 10am and changed into the hospital dress, you know the one that made your ass popping out at the back. I was asked to rest and the nurses took the baby heartbeat readings as I lay on the bed in the ward.


The doctor came at around 10.30 am and inserted Pitocin into my vajayjay to start the labor process. He said normally it will take a few hours for me to feel the labor pain. So I just wait. My mom came and bring lunch and the hospital serve lunch too and I ate both! :P I need all the energy I can get! And of course, I've never missed giving live updates on my Twitter.


I keep jotting down the time when I started to feel the contractions. Starting from 11.30 am. It went on for almost every 10 minutes but very mild. It was getting stronger around noon at 1.30pm which is still bearable. But somewhere around 3pm, I've started to feel stronger contractions and I can hardly lay on the bed anymore. I kept walking back and forth in the ward and try to do the penguin dance like my dear friend did. It did work until the surges started and I can hardly do anything anymore!!!


The pain was getting stronger and I kept calling the nurses to check on me. Everytime they came in , I kept saying, I'm still okay. It's bearable, until 4.45pm, I said i can't stand it anymore. I think it is time! The nurses came in and said I've already 6-7cm dilated. They quickly got me a wheel chair and stroll me to the labor room which is just next door! Thank god! I sat on the huge pink labor bed that can be reclined and even had a massanger! This is new! They said it could keep you relax a bit. Yeah the massages did help a bit until the pain was so unbearable that I had to ask them to turn it off!! Hahaha. 


I kept asking for the doctor because I think I was going to be in labor anytime soon. Don't get me started with the pain! Wan never left my side and god (and Wan) knows how hard I've been pressing his arms everytime the pain started. I was told there was another women  in labor in the next room but really I couldn't stand the pain and I told the nurse 'nurse!! saya dah ready nak push ni.. dah tak tahannn!!' and quickly the nurse called the doc and I can see the doc were running and quickly put on his robe. Then he said "okay, anytime now just push" so will all my strength, I gave one long hard push and everyone in the room keep cheering me and said "sikit lagi!! one long pusshh!!! sikit lagii!!!" and after 3 long-hard push, I heard Sara cries. and I can't stop saying "ya Allah, ya Allah". She was the most beautiful baby I've ever seen (after Hariz lah :P)

  {Sara after being cleaned}

Alhamdulillah I didn't have any complications during/after the labor and was discharged the next day. I really enjoy my stay at PMC and the nurses are very friendly and helpful. There's this one nurse (I forgot her name), that really took care of me. Insyallah I'll chose PMC again for my next labor :)

I hope you enjoy reading my birth story! :)
Have a nice day!


littlehumblelynn said...

the baby "sara" is really cute :-)


* macam nak mengandung lagi baca entry ni..seronoknya..

reena said...

seronok baca your experience Ida. Rasa macam mudah je. Sara comel lah. Putih melepak :)

Anonymous said...


Annasue'G said...

ergh. seronok baca. cik sara bambam. ;)

irmafittaputri said...

cngrates my dear...

::Ida:: said...

littlehumblelynn : heheh.. thanks! actually the part yg lepas beranak, nak menjaga tu paling horror. heheh :P

reena : alhamdulillah. this time senang sket kot.. hehehe.. my hubs said boleh la lagi 8! erk!

anon : hehe thankss :)

Annasue'G : hee.. dah lama tertanggung :P

irmafittaputri : thanks luv! :)

Elin said...

ida....congrat..Sara was so cute. Tgk2 blog...terkejut, ida dah deliver. Putih melepak la...cumilll. Muah2 from aunty elin yer.

misha.w said...

terharuuuu baca your birth story. bergenang plak air mata i.huhu

Suzie said...

alaaa more picssss pls

hugs n kisses to adorable sara from aunty suzie...muahhhhhh!

::Ida:: said...

elin : thanks elin! muah frm sara too!! :-*

misha w. : huhu.. i did almost cry myself when i wrote this.tsk.

suzie : hehe.. we didnt bring camera on that day boleh? just took from the phone. kalut punya pasal :P thanks aunty suzie! Muaxxxss!!! say hi to ilyas *wink wink*

rizaros said...

wah sdihnyer.. hmpir sma lar msa nk lahir auni dulu.. ros pun kna induce gak.. :) btw sara very cute.. nnt gtau ea klu dh blik png.. leh g mlawat, tu pun klu kak sudi :P hehe

miralatiff said...

Congrates ida!!

Khairunnisa said...

can't wait to see her..insyaAllah i'll be back this friday..cuti nk puasa kat umah..kiss her for me pls..and kiss Hariz too..=D

Anonymous said...

Bc story ni mcm seng je kak ida bersalin..
Alhmdulillah.. To be honest, i'm afraid n keep
Wondering, rs sakit bersalin tu mcm mna..
Btw, hw bout hariz.. Cz ada sesetengah akan
Rs jealous dpt adik=)

Ayu Firzara said...

Jom singgah butik...pakaian dan tudung ekslusif

ayin said...

alahaiiii comey nyer dia...

yanie said...

congrats on ur newborn :)


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Ria said...

Congrats my friend! Wan Alya Sara ... I'm already in love with her name. She's a super cute baby :)