Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On baby's headband

I used to drool over cute baby girl's stuff like skirts, mary jane shoes, tutus, head bands and pink stuff. Now that I have one my own, I became wilder everytime I see these cute little thing.

Even before Sara was born, I vowed to myself not to spoil her with too much girly stuff but I just can't help it! They are too cute to resist!

As I was browsing (just browsing ok!) for baby girl's stuff, i bumped into this cute head piece and I was like, 'Sara gotta have this! She's gonna be sooo cute with it!'. And of course, being me if this thing sold online, there must be 1 shop that sells cheaper. So I searched and searched and finally found this blog that sells much much cheaper than those I've found. End up I bought 4 of them! :P

 I love the colors!

 It fits perfectly! She can even wears it when she's older!

I really wish I could have them all!!
Take a look at their site. Plenty more stuff to choose from! They even have it for wholesale!!

Check them out!


reena said...

Halah comelnya Sara pakai headband!

♥ Elin ♥ said...

ank saya pun sara juga..bwt ank u so cute! ;)

littlehumblelynn said...

comelnya sara..nampak tegap dah tuh :)

::Ida:: said...

reena : hehe..headband raya!! :P

elin : i love name Sara!! simple je :)

littlehumblelynn : ppl said nampak mcm 3mnths young. hehe..

asna said...

Kak Ida, nnt klu Sara pki mary jane shoes, jgn lupa letak gmbr coz i love mary jane shoes *tiba-tiba*..hihi

mcm nak cubit2 je pipi Sara tu..haha