Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On babies


Hello everyone. It's been a while since I blog about something here *blowing dusts* Wonder if there are still readers of this blog. :P

If you've been following me on twitter, you will know how hectic my life has been ever since the arrival of Sara. Rezeki pon datang melimpah ruah like office workload and my blog design job at Krafty Palette. These are all my babies now. I have to care for them, feed them, cherish them :)

When there were just Hariz, i kept posting on Hariz's milestones but not when with Sara. Macam kesian jugak. huhuhu but I'm trying. Most of my free time I spent designing the blog. Updating this blog will be the last thing to do. Plus my camera is in the workshop again. So all photos were taken with camera phone. Hence the blurring.

As for my Krafty Palette, I had to close for new orders for time being because ever since it's opening, I hardly had time for myself. Sometimes got me to think why on earth did I start the blog at first place??! Well I found some kind of 'happiness' in blog designing. So I can't stop. Like people had hobbies, I have blog design! :) and I am really grateful to be getting a lot of orders and still receiving orders although I'm no longer taking one. So thank you everyone for your support. Even though terkemut kemut nak siapkan 1 draft. I only have 3-4 hours a day! Itu pon kalau Sara cooperate lah. Bila dia buat perangai bangun setiap jam, memang mak give up.

To update on Sara milestone, she just turned 4 months old last 13th. We haven't done the aqiqah or cukur rambut for her. *sigh* and she has started losing her womb hair (is it womb hair?) heh. Like her mom, I've been losing handful of hair! Penoh lantai and toilet drain. But I just couldn't careless. Sometimes I just tak larat nak kisah like rumah sepah ke, baju tak lipat ke, tak gosok ke. Living with just the 4 of us and no helper is really mencabar keimanan. If only I have a magic wand and just swooshh it and the house is clean. Yeah I wish.Oh she haven't yet meniarap or anything. Berat bontot kot.

FYI, Hariz is never jealous of Sara. In fact he loves Sara. He doesn't care if I play more with Sara or breastfeeding Sara. Sometimes he just came up to Sara and kiss her and return to whatever he was doing. Alhamdulillah that I don't have to worry to much about Hariz acceptance towards Sara when she 1st arrived. I will share with you a video taken by my hubs when we 1st brought Sara home from the hospital. His expression was priceless! I could cry everytime I watched the video.Anyway, here's some shots taken recently during the 3 days holiday.

{sara & hariz having a ball}

Hariz is not well by the way. It's been 2 days he's been having mild fever. Started with coughing. Jangkit from abah dia laa. Although abah dia got it from me. huhuhu. Hope he will get well soon.


mummy_ayu said...

priceless kan memori dlm membesarkan anak2 nie? Ayu pun..suka snap2..mengabadikan proses pembesaran mereka..rasa lengkap bila ada sorang boy & sorang girl..and they are cute & adorable!!

Jiji said...

alahauuuuu cutenyeeeeeee!

Ida said...

mummy_ayu : sangat priceless :) cuma yg latest ni i tak banyak amik gambar. huhu. kesian plak kat dia. abang dia tu dulu banyakk. alhamdulillah dapat sepasang. boleh la rehat lama sket. 2-3 tahun lagi. hehehe :P

jiji !! u ada lagii??!! hahah senyapp jer... :P