Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She's enggaged!

My sister, Nurul got engaged with her long time boyfriend, Zhafran last Saturday. It was a happy, colorful and merry day for all of us. It was more like a small family gathering since all of our relatives were there. Day like this has been one of my favorite because other than Eid, we gathered  to celebrate and share the happiness together and of course, lotsa food!

Before the day itself, she already called and reminded me to be the official photographer for the day. and for FREE. meaning without being paid. by any means. Being a big sis, Im fine with it. Plus i need to sharpen my photography skills yang semakin menghilang. Blame it on my camera for being in the workshop for the 2nd time. Don't ask me how it get there because I have no idea too!

The dress was custom made at PIN Fashion, a local tailor in Alor Star and she sent it for beading at Beadmeplease.

All the decorations were done by my sis herself with the help of dayang-dayang sekalian. Except the hantaran. That was done by a the very talented Cikgu Noni. She did my hantaran too :) And the bouquet cupcake were done by Kak Anne from Liplickin! She is based in Kepala Batas, Penang.

She hanged the lanterns herself. Macam birthday party pon ade :P But it was colorful! There were suppose some signages for the event, which I did, but due to some technical problem, the signages weren't able to be printed out.

The lovelies of the day. l-r : Sara with her makcu, Aisyah and my adorable cheeky niece, Anis yang senyum kena paksa.

The mini pelamin. My sis only did the background part. The rests were rented.

The dulang boys from the err.. groom side?

There are engaged! Yeah you can see how happy they were. 

The oh so delicous (according to them coz I didn't get the chance to eat pon!)
 from Bisou Cupcakes.

 the dress

The parents and the couple.

The cousins.

and of course yours truly :)

Looking forward for the wedding next year and to Nurul & Zhafran, congrats!!


dd.hasnidar said...

cantik dan colourful.
series,memang saya suka :)

reena said...

Cantiknyaa! Dah macam kahwin dah :D

::Ida:: said...

dd.hasnidar : it is colorful!

reena : i told them nikah je la terus. dah mcm majlis nikah dah :P

farahD said...

kak ida...congrats to ur sis..nicely done !

K'owNeysa said...

nu'ul did the decoration? mmg creative la dia..bley tempah pakej dia hias pelamin ang jadi photographer for FREE..;p hahahaha
anyway congrat to her..jangan lupa jemput kenduri na..;)

KraftyPalette said...

farahD : will convey the massage to her! :D

kown : harharhar... bankrupsi aku macam ni :P kenduri buat kat KL nnti. insyallah akan dijemputt :D

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yvette said...

Nurul's engagement is so colorful. I like it. Here in the Philippines, mostly the motiff is 1 to 2 colors only.. Im looking for a cheap shoes on sale and finally come up reading your blog.;)) Nice.