Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hariz 1st trip to the Zoo

I remember when I was little my dad used to take us to the zoo on the weekends or school holiday. I've been to most of the zoos in Malaysia but I think I've never been to the National Zoo. Maybe I did but have forgotten about it :P.

So now, being a parent myself, I feel it is my 'duty' to take my kids to the zoo. We've been planning for this mini trip for so long and only able to do it recently. I invited my dad and my sisters to come along with us as it would be more fun when than just the 4 of us. Plus school holiday was about to end.

We departed from Penang at 10am. I did prepare ourselves some tuna sandwiches for the trip.It's a classic sandwich menu if you're going for a trip or picnic. Well its actually more easy to do :P

It was the last day of school holiday and boy I tell you, the zoo was packed! The cars were stretched for a few meters. My dad had to park his mpv far from the entrance. Luckily that day was a little sunny.

We brought along 2 strollers for the kids convenient. This is too actually our 1st time outing with 2 strollers.  

Most of the visitor waiting for the train ride. It was massive queue! But we rather walk than squeezing to get in the line. Plus, where's the fun in going to the zoo if you're moving so fast? It is best for you to stop, stay for awhile, admiring the animals and just take your own sweet time.

I haven't been here long, and it's kinda sad to see the poor conditions of the animals. Plenty of cages were empty and most animals were not carefully taken care of. Look at the Orang Utan. She/he's obese! There were 2 of them and they barely move. Just sat there and eat. They didn't look healthy at all.

Hariz's favorite animal is Elephant. and everytime we mentioned 'Elephant', he will make that elephant sound. 'auuuuuuuu' . We keep walking but actually, the elephant was at the end of the zoo! Penat gila jalan baru jumpa gajah. Apa lagi.. auuuu auuuu dia kat situ.

We stopped by at one of the rest hut for a break. Makan sandwich tuna time2 macam ni memang best. Sedap and lazat! Then we continued to the other part of the zoo. And Hariz saw bibitt!! bibitt!!

All the way, Sara was such a doll. The trip inside the zoo itself took about 2 hours or so. She hardly cries. She fell a sleep for a few times. As for Hariz, we let him walk with us instead being in the stroller. We stopped by Juru Autocity for lunch on our back home. and luckily Hariz pooped when we were just a bout to leave Juru. Kalau dia pooped dekat zoo tu memang problem la tengok condition toilet kat situ macam mana kann.

All and all, it was a fun trip for all of us. It shows that we can take both of them for a trip like this in the future. IF they stay being well behave :)


dd.hasnidar said...

behave betul hariz.siap boleh naik stroller lagi.
kalau my kiddos,they will memekik2 dr dalam stroller mintak dilepaskan.pheh!

dyra said...

bestnya tgok haiwan . follow u