Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby food storage

I can't recall when was the last time i did a proper blog post on this blog. Besides the giveaway and an advert. I hope there are still readers reading this blog because without you, this blog will never exist! (and nuffnang wouldn't give me money :P)

Anyway, there are sooo many things to blog about. I used to blog about Hariz's monthly milestones but when it comes to Sara, things got pretty hectic and I got this Design Blog  to look after. Well for starters, Sara just turned 7 months recently. She's been in complete 3 meal a day since she's 5.5 months. Just like Hariz. I had so much fun making Hariz's food before and after almost a year 'retiring' from making baby food, now I'm back doing all the routines.

I don't want to go into details here on what are the menu etc. But it's about food storing equipment. Before it was Hariz's the only food storage I know is the Baby Cubes (4oz) RM39 for 8 cubes. Which I still keep for making Sara's food.

And also there are avent via cup that I used when Hariz was bigger and consume more. The Avent cup size is 6oz. I usually cook their food for 2 weeks period. Some people used ice tray to freeze the food and transfer it into a sealed bag/container once frozen. But with Baby Cubes, you can just freeze and store the food in the cubes. It's most convenient and I will just pop one up into the microwave for feeding. I know people said heating up food using the microwave is not good. Well its not bad either. You can google more on this. Sometimes I heat up with just hot boiled water. Depending on the food.

Lately I've been doing some browsing and saw a few food storage yang cantik lagi menarik. :P One of them is this Beaba Multiportions freezer trays.

The best thing about this food storage is it comes with lid to cover your food. You can just store your food without removing them into a proper container. It has 7 spaces to store 7 kinds of food at 2oz each. The silicone material made popping out the food easy. The price is RM89. A tad pricey for a baby food storage don't you think?

I just found out Fabulous Mom came out with a new food storage from Jungle Jingle.

It looks like an ice tray but with lid. Each slot can fit 0.5oz of food and 6oz in total. This is great as the portion is small and best to freeze foods like veggies, chicken, stocks, etc. and maybe the bigger cube (Baby Cubes 4oz) is for main meal like rice, oats. So later you can mixed from both container before feeding it to your baby. It is made from silicone (something similar like Beaba). And the best part, it doesn't cost a fortune! Selling 1 tray for RM12.90 and all 3 for RM36.90! That is why I am soo going to get it :P

So what's your method in storing your baby food?


mommyNadia said...

hehee..same with ur 2nd method..using Avent Via cup..

btw, just updated entry about this..tq for sharing!!

::Ida:: said...

hehe.. sbb dah guna dulu untuk susu. then guna balik utk food! :P
tapi makan space banyak. so baby cubes is the best! :P

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

dulu time arsyad i gune Avent tu jgk..time Farrel pon nmpak gaya pkai yg sama je Beaba punye tu comel la..too expensive tho..hehe

Liyana said...

I use various types of container..Baby cubes, Ice tray lah, silicone muffin tray pun ada..hehe. but what a coincidence, just got my silicone trays with lid from Fabulous Mom last week. I think, dah tak usik my other ice trays dah lepas ni :)

::Ida:: said...

Zulaikha : omg! u dah ada new baby!! nampak sangat i dah lama tak check out this blog. huhu.. HOws arsyad and farrel doing? kisses to the boys!

Liyana : how was the silicone trays? u beli all 3 ka? lagi murah kan? i nak beli tapi tak beli2 lagi :P

Dulu Gadis, Kini Mama said...

weee..tak sabar nk bagi my syaurah solid food! tapi dia baru 4 month!hehe

Jobless Girl said...

Great tips.

cryme said...

may i know where can i get proper baby food storage like this...ive been searching everywhere but cant find this kind of silicone storge