Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally my not-so-baby sister is married!

I know my post is no longer concur with events. But better late than never!
Anyway my baby sister, Nurul got married to her looooonnngggg time boyfriend, last September 21st. The solemnization was held at Masjid Sultan Mizan aka Masjid Besi, Putrajaya sometime after Asar. It was my 1st time at that mosque. It was huge and we got lost the moment we got there.

The preparation was held at Pullman Resort. The make up, fitting etc. I must admit it was a bit chaotic since everyone is not familiar with the place. Everyone was calling everyone asking where to meet, where's this place etc etc. But we managed to get to the mosque in time for the solemnization.

Did not managed to snap more photos because kids were not cooperating. Boleh ke menjerit nak kek and buah hantaran in the middle of akad nikah? -____-

Happy and proud parents to have another son in the family. Yer lah 5 girls. Tunggu lagi 2 sons.

l-r : your truly, bride, father of the bride, mom of the bride


The solemnization. Kenapa nampak macam my husband lagi nervous?

The happy bride to someone's wife.

The Dulang girls.

During the event. 

The reception was held on the next evening at Dewan Seri Endon. Unfortunately I have no photos from that night event because I left my camera at the hotel! Great Ida!
So we have to wait for the official photographer for the photos.

To Nurul & Zhafran, congratulations again to both of you. 
We are happy and thrilled to have you, Zhafran as part of our family.
Please take care of each other and may Allah blessed your marriage with great happiness and health until Jannah.


Ayin MM said...

tahniah... bertambah ahli keluarga, bertambah meriah nanti. Cantik n berseri2 pengantin :)

::Ida:: said...

@Ayin MM : thank you! alhamdulillah. bertambah sorang lagi lelaki. my dad sudah ada 4 sons! he couldnot be happier :)

bBunny said...

Great pics! Congrats to the newlyweds.

Anonymous said...

itu kadi yg nikah kan i juga.. heheheh~~ well, kalau dah kat putrajaya kan.. :p