Sunday, October 4, 2009

38 Weeks Check Up

I went to my 38 weeks checkup today. The doc said I should be in labor anytime now as the baby is already drops and my 'V's opening is almost 2 cm now. I was thinking to do induce because the baby is getting heavier now and i can barely walk or move. But then after several thoughts, we have decided to wait. Yeah i know waiting is really agonizing but i guess, I want to wait for the moment the water broke. The suspense and everything :P

(the head like a full moon)


ezura evenstar said...

huhu...i feel nervous for u,kak ida huhu juju doakan semoga semuanya berjln lancar...amiin~

donarose said...

Dn delivered hari tu masa 39weeks 5 days.Nearly 40 weeks. One thing I didn't want to happen is overdue and to get induced. Because my mom had to get through labour via induction for all her children. Afraid the same thing would happen to me! To be induced means extra pain.Tunggu ja sampai the baby is ready, dia akan keluar sendiri.kalau sampai overdue mknanya bby slesa dduk dlm perut mak dia hehe. enjoy jer final moment being pregnant, once bby kuar the feel is so much different.

Farah D said...

I didnt want to be induced, but doc advised anyway. I wanted an all-natural birth-water breaks and all-but then on my due date I'm still not in pain, no contraction and opening's only 1 cm.Very frustrating.Neway, My Baby's already overdue for three days-and i got three induces through the V.

Sadly enough, after 3 induces,there's only mild contraction. And doc said Baby's heartbeat not so cute anymore, so she advised for an EMERGENCY C-SECTION. I cried upon hearing that, I always dreamt of a natural birth.

The good thing was, I was put to sleep for an hour and a half, and suddenly I was woken up by Hubby,he told me everything's ok-Baby's fine,10 fingers and 10 toes..I dont even know what happened and the baby's already delivered! And the pain from the surgery was the only pain I need to bear.

Anyway, congrats Ida, I heard its a boy? Life is DEFINITELY DIFFERENT with a child-much more beautiful, much more tiring, and much more meaningful. As for me, cant wait for my second. :)

waneeda said...

**Note : I sudah selamat gave birth to a healthy baby boy on October 5th 2009. Will blog about it later ya :P

Ezura : Thank you juju. Semua sudah selamat now :)
Dona : Wa.. kira dona lewat la ek? Im 2 weeks early! Sib baik evrything sudah prepare. No induce, no drugs. Just normal delivery. Saje nak rasa hows the pain :P
Farah D : wow, u induced sampai 3 times? must be very painful. Luckily everything was ok for both of u.Luckily i didn't opt for induced. Dunno wat went tru my mind :P

windy said...

hmm...kwin plak bedebaq2 nih...lani dah 27 weeks...tah2 end of dec dah deliver...hehe...anyway, share la experien nak besalin tu...bley baca...tahniah k...dah ada waris