Friday, October 2, 2009

Breast Pump

Since I am working full time and still wanted to breast feed my baby, I was thinking I should get a breast pump soon since I will be in labor anytime now and won't be going out shopping anymore am i? Anyways, after reading reviews on which breast pump is the best, we've decided to get Avent IQ ISIS by Philips.

We chose electronic because the pumping process will be faster and I my arms won't be strained from pumping the milk. It also can be used manually if you like to work out ;P

There were other brand called Madela which is cheaper than Avent but the motor for the electronic pumps sounded a bit like a lawn mower when we tested it but it pumped milk faster than Avent.

I was too excited to get the pump and not sure how my milk will produce :P For more info on the Avent breast pump, visit Philips website.


donarose said...

salam, Ida.Sorry lambat reply. congratulations on your new blog. kalu start awal sikit buleh share psl pregnancy :) Nanti kita share experience jaga baby pulak..

Dn ada juga beli bpump, tp medela, you're right bunyi dia bising mcm lawn mower haha. tapi xlah seteruk tu. Stiap kali nak pump kena cover motor dia ngan bantal. haha. tp hasil pump dia boleh tahan la. sbnrnya ada benda nak share pasal pump ni, nanti la dn post sikit.

For the time being, take care, jangan penat2. dah dekat due. skrg pun dah dekat 38minggu kan, baby pun dah full term tu. goodluck and take care.

Nur Nadhira Kaz said...

salam and hello.. :D well, i'm just a visitor here..slalu drop by at your blog just to check out new clothes..still, i haven't bought any yet..cume ade dlm list je which one to buy..nnt beli la kot.hehe..neways, congrats for the baby yg bakal lahir..i'm sure you'll be a superbmom..hehe..i just dpt niece few weeks a go and will be getting a nephew in another few months..seeing pregnant ladies makes me think that life is so beautiful.. :) take good care of yourself..

waneeda said...

dona : Thanks don. sokay ida paham new mummy ni :) since u're ahead of me in this mummyhood, i slalu check ur blog jugak for any info ;) keep up the writings on baby nih. boleh sama2 share experience :)

nur nadhira : thank u dear for dropping by and for ur support. although lately ni dah tak banyak collection nak put up. actually banyak je lagi baju2, tapi dah tak larat nk take photos n pegi post etc :P insyallah lepas pantang akan ader new collections. maybe new blog untuk baby stuff pulak :P