Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Day We Became Parents

Images of me lying on the table in the labour room, the pain, the cries are still lingering on my mind. It was the most intense feeling I've ever had in my life..

I woke up at 0900 on THE Monday morning, October 05th 2009 feeling great and ready to start my day as it was my 1st day on maternity leave (luckily I took 2 weeks earlier that expected date). My hubby has already gone back to Penang on the night before as we were expecting the date should be in another week or so.

I took a bath and had my breakfast and head upstairs to watch TV with my niece. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain on my stomach and I beginning to sit uncomfortably. It was around noon, and the pain keeps coming within 4-5 minutes. So I went down, get my notebook and start taking note on the timing of the pain (which was actually contractions) :


and at 1438, I feel something wet coming out from down below. It was red and bloody. So I thought this is it! This is the moment I've been waiting for! People should be panicked when it started to bleed, but I just smiled. Calmly, I packed my last item into my bag and called my hubby.

"Okay don't panic yet, but I've already started to bleed"

I told him. He said he'll be here soon.

My mom was just got home with kurma ayam I asked her to buy earlier. I had that kurma first before we head to the hospital. (nanti kempunan plak.. so kena makan dulu)

We arrived at the hospital at around 1530. I was taken to the labour room straightaway.
I was given a robe ( you know yang nampak bontot kat blakang tu) and a nurse inserted some kind of pill for me to pass.

I laid on the table and was given a pain killer and made me doze off for awhile because my opening is still at 2 cm.

When I woke up, it was close to 1800 and I still at 2 cm. So we thought, maybe I should rest at my room 1st until I am fully dilated.

But tak sampai half an hour, when I was sitting on the couch at my room, I felt a trickle of water came out from down there.

"Is the how it feels like when water broke?" I thought to myself, but it was that bloody show again.

My mom called up the nurse and I was examined and to my surprise, I was already 8 cm dilated! Quickly I was strolled to back to the labour room. It was 1845 and my hubby has not yet there.

The contractions became stronger and i couldn't bare the pain. It feels like I'm having a constipation with the size of an atomic bomb!

Soon I heard my hubby's voice coming into the labor room. Such a relief to be having your dear love ones next to you in this situation.

The doctor arrived later to check on me. I am still 8cm but the baby's head has not yet seen.
Since the baby sudah berak, the doctor need to get the baby out quickly with the help of forceps.

And finally, baby Hariz came into the world with the loudest cry a baby could ever had. There were no words to describe my feelings at the moment. After cleaning up the baby, the nurse handover Hariz to me and I gave him a kiss. He was put at the nursery so mommy could have a rest after labour.

The pain in labour is the only pain I can endure in my whole life and I don't mind 3-4 more :)

(hariz 1 day old)


ezura evenstar said...

Wow...interesting!Juju mesti take note nie hehehe =P

kowneysa said...

subhanallah..a wonderful experience given by Allah to us..hopefully i will experience it later...:)

donarose said...

ahamdulillah labour x lama sangat dan mudah, only within few hours dah dapat bersalin. bila lagi yang kedua? soon? hehe

waneeda said...

juju: tanx juju!

kown: insyallaah u will :)

dona: yg kedua? lol. insyaallah in 2 years time :P