Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When you can't go out & need to shop badly...

I've always wanted to breastfeed my son. Unfortunately, my milk duct won't start producing milk until day 4th.

The 1st 3 days, I was struggling to get my baby breastfeed. I was so frustrated that no milk came out at all, just clear liquid which I don't think it's even colostrum. My mom keep convinced me to stay positive and eventually, the milk will come out. I have no choice but to feed Hariz with formula but I kept trying to breastfeed Hariz even though he just feeding on air.

I surf the net to look for ways to produce breast milk since I can't go out shopping. So I tried Earth Mama, Angel Baby product, organic Milkmaid Tea that could help to produce milk which I bought from The LilCaliph. I too bought few other stuff for my baby.

Since my baby have been sucking a lot, my nipples became cracked and sore and it hurt so badly. I tried to apply Purelan 100 around my nipples area and it does helps to soothe a bit. Another tip I learned from the nurse is to apply our own breast milk around the nipple or sore area that could cure sore nipple.

It's been 2 weeks now and my I am happy with the amount of breast milk I could produce and I've been breast feeding my baby ever since.


kowneysa said...

size breast memainkan wat we expected..hahahaha

waneeda said...

hahaha... tu la pasai.. tapi dats not entirely true... ader gak breast besar tapi takde susu.. ;)