Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Monitor

Since we are living in a 2 storey house, sometimes it's kinda hard to hear my baby's crying when we were downstairs and he is upstairs. Or even he was sleeping in his crib and we are downstairs eating or watching tv. That's when I thought of getting a baby monitor so I we could hear him cries wherever we are.

I just purchased this baby monitor online 2 days ago and I just got it today.
This TOMY Baby Monitor has 2-way communication just like walkie-talkie. I can hear the baby cries for almost 600m and I can even talk balk to the baby. It can be used plugged in or using battery.

So now I can monitor my baby even when I'm in the bathroom :P


kowneysa said...

ala..kalau mmg kaki shopping online tu tkyah la buat alasan..;p

waneeda said...

hahaha... nak wat camna.. I'm addicted to it and it's fun! :P

kowneysa said...

sora hariz tu masyaallah pya la yah pakai benda tu pun aku rasa dah cukup kuat kot...hahahaha