Friday, November 6, 2009

Zoolander's look

Have you ever watched a movie called Zoolander? It's about a model who dream big with small brain. Played by Ben Stiller and a whole bunch of famous celebs. The movie is so hilarious that you want to watch over and over!

Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is/was male model known for his famous look(s).

LOL! yeah. The look are all the same but he claimed that they all look different and that's why he had name for them :P

And I caught my baby doing one of these look. I don't know is it Magnum? Ferrari? Le Tigre? or the famous Blue Steel?

I think we call it 'I-just-make-a-poop' look :P


mrs. Mcfird said...

oh..i was LOL-ing watching that movie.bodoh giler :p

wahh...hariz dh bulat.good job mommy!


waneeda said...

hahaha... love dat movie kan? mane tak bulat hariz tu... 24 hours milking n tido je keje :P

windy said...

sat ja dah besaq...